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t u l s

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

kena za..

there was this advertisement on facebook but i cant find the HTML so cant paste it here but the story goes like this, this old couple was awaiting for their son to come back for dinner in their kampung on chinese new years eve and yes he did came back for new years eve but left the house once he arrived, went out and lepak with his friends.. the mum since morning had boiled sai yong choi soup and the couple waited for the son to come back to have family dinner but only return home 1 am in the morning.. the ad end with the father heating up the soup and pour out a bowl for him but he rejected it and went straight to bed..

its sad la..

but what even more sad is, he actually used it agaisnt me..

b, so this year how long will you be in skudai wor?

hm.. i think for 1 day only...

alah.. then i mai cannot see you lor?

nevermind la...

but i came for you last year mar.. thought that i can do it again..

er... last year different mar, last year valentines..

hm... ok la... *besong punye face*

yala, like what you posted on fb also wert, chinese new year spend time with family mar, wanna come see me sumore, go SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY!

yer.. use my link and za me back one!!

but yeah, what he say also true la.. stupid pabo bubu.. this year's valentine falls on monday.. how i wish its on sunday... huhu...


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE THE COLOUR OF YOUR DRAWING. So beautiful the combination. Hehehe...

  2. I like the way u blog. But I almost always end up speechless. Dunno wad to comment lol...