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t u l s

Friday, January 21, 2011

is it just me?

was at cititel hotel lobby with my bro yesterday  then the urge to peepee came so off we went to the toilet la, this time i looked before entering.. haha.. dowana make the same mistake few days ago..

after entering i saw a big dude lookalike with smooth skin and big man boobs entering the last available cubicle then so i waited lor..

later that he came out and OH MY GOSH he was a SHE!! A FREAKING TOTAL BUTCH-Y LADY!! and she can still go to the sink and freshen up after that with all the guys around peepee-ing..


yes ladies have lots of fucking privilege la but this is macam too much kan.. hahaha.. i dont really mind la but she has got "balls" to come in lor!!

do you think we should just make a unisex toilet le if this thing keeps going on...? hahaha...

now pun banyak bas wanita in KL and i was like WTF?!! you got your ladies coach for the KTM thingy and now this bas thing.. i dont see any male bus around wor..

cb.. now its the other way around le la.. cos too many gays around no guys wanna touch those girls they became so dehydrated so turned wild and rape all the guys thats why we should have male coaches too kan?!!


  1. But TULS, I really like the idea of coach wanita...feels so much safer in there....

  2. hahahaha.. what the hell... lets go together one day!! haahhahaah... we will sit at the front row so no one else will dare to come in and we will have the whole bus to us :) hahahahaha