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t u l s

Sunday, January 23, 2011


so bubu and his friends organize this potluck thing over at his place by the poolside in his condo last night.. hihi.. bubu made this awesome spaghetti, im a person who doesnt eat spaghetti but his was really nice lor.. cannot tahan.. other than that we have erm mushroom soup, salad with awesome sauce, kfc, the wonderful shepherd's pie omgucci its so delicious..

i takut water one lor.. that day bubu said wanna throw me into the pool nearly made me not go last night.. that stupid boy, wanna play wanna joke also cannot joke about my phobias mar.. *slap him*.. hahahaha... there was so much laughter in the air that night.. aiyor.. sometimes laugh until no breath cannot tahan.. 10 gays and 1 girl, that girl was converted into a fag hag that night after knowing the true meaning of faghag through Margaret Cho's youtube lesson..

lepas the dinner we went up to bubu's place for some laughter and most importantly Desserts!! omgucci the desserts were so so so damn awesome!! there were 4 kinds of desserts... i dono what is it called la but its all damn awesome de.. got dark chocolate mousse thingy, then got white chocolate cognac creamy moussy thingy woosh.. cannot tahan..

but most importantly is that that awesome dessert maker friend of ours, made us a Tiramisu as our anniversary gift!! sho sho awesome!! i never had tiramisu in ma life.. hahaha.. this is so awesome.. we chow it down bit by bit....

it was orgasmic lor... Lexy is awesome!! and AZ, thanks for the Chocolates :)


  1. Wuish! Besarnya gambar tuh LoL!
    Anyways, you're most welcomed and glad that you guys enjoyed it :)

  2. i know rite!!! the tiramisu damn awesome!!!

  3. @vincent ~ dont worry.. got chance de!! :)

    @alex ~ hahahahaah... thanks so much my love!! :)

    @jason ~ wah.. sudah menge-out sendiri that you were there!! hahahahahaha