t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


yuhooo... MIA much.. was having presentation and exams yesterday and today.. so much for CNY week hor.. spoil my mood and now im super super duper tired!!

two presentation one group one individual.. group presentation we rocked and got the best compliment and marks over the rest :) hahaha.. all thanks to me.. yes!! ME! i know im perasan but yes i need to give credit to myself cos i was the one who did all the fucking slides till 6 in the morn and on days i dint even sleep while the other group members were each having their own fucking...dot dot dot *breathe* will talk about that later..

im now in Johor everyone!! wohoo!! cant wait to eat my grandma's hainanese chicken rice balls.. tonight im gonna have a nice fucking sleep, get all rehydrated and pay my sleep debt and tomorrow will be a better day!! yes!! night people...


  1. Rest well and enjoy the break! Happy CNY in advance again :P

  2. "Fucking" sleep...pst, tone down please and do welcome the year of Rabbit with a well-behave character.

    Rabbit by nature is not wild. They are cheerful and carefree.

    Heheh..Gong Xi Fa Cai to you !

  3. Tapao back some chicken rice balls :P

    Have an awesome time back there and eat all you can! Happy CNY!

  4. @jason ~ happy rabbit year Jason!!

    @A ~ happy CNY!! thanks!!

    @CX ~soweeeeeee CX,, hahahaha.. my rabbit wild abit.. grrr... wanna rabbit style now! grrrrrrr... hahahaha

    @alex ~ yupyup!!