t u l s

t u l s

Thursday, June 23, 2011


people love to assume.. i do it all the time.. 

i like to assume that bubu is tired after a long day, then i will intentionally let him rest on that day but he will ask me why dint we go according to plan to watch movie, have dinner etc... and i was like

i thought youre tired?

when did i say im tired?

but its a whole long day for you, like 8am to 7pm...

yea.. so?

arent you tired? still got energy to go out arr?

*annoyed stare*


when did i say no when you ask me out de...

haha.. ok la... chill la... ok ok... lets go for the movie then... im just worried that you might be tired...

we always assume things that we think aboutt, but its 90 percent not the case, sometimes we assume just to make ourselves better, to comfort ourselves, sometimes we assume for the sake of the other party, sometimes we assume for fun, sometimes we assume because we got nothing else better to do.. but assuming is never a good thing.. you either confront the person and ask them or dont do anything at all.. because we dont need your assumption!

everyone assume tuls is this this that that.. when i meet new people off the net as tuls, they will be i thought youre this, i thought youre that.. THOUGHT? think again.. dont assume you know someone just by reading some of his books or article or his blog, some might be fiction and some are over exaggerated..

dont ever assume you know how it feels to be in a state of someone else's situation just because youve been through it before, every situtation is unique on its on.. dont say you understand, that irks people out sometimes.. 

just dont assume...


  1. " his blog, some might be fiction and some are over exaggerated.." - tuls

    You are not alone. Most of the times, I like to assume as well.


  2. Couldn't agree more. But it is fun to assume sometimes! xD

  3. haha... this scene seems so familiar :P

  4. i like the green polka dots LV bag hahaha!

  5. i agree that ppl like to assume...

  6. Holy Assumption! Now what do you assume of Nate & co? =p

  7. ASSUME. It makes an ASS out of U and ME.

  8. @cx ~ *hugs*

    @aiden ~ blek!~

    @just b3cks ~ *hugs*

    @jason ~ i got alot at home!!

    @naughty prince ~ :(

    @nate hill ~ its growing and its awesome!!!!!

    @deicidal ~ wow! never thought of that! awesome shit!

  9. "his blog, some might be fiction and some are over exaggerated.."

    Woo sounds like my blog! Hahaha. x)