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Thursday, June 16, 2011

outbreaks of breakouts...

im not talking bout war or diseases ok!

pimples :) 

i know, its so kelakar how my blog is turning into some funny lame info blog.. muahahahaha... 


have you wonder why you have pimples? for those who doesnt have any you can off this tab now thanks. *rolleyes*

im not jealous.......................... anyway....

ask your mum and dad, if they have pimples when they were in their teens, you probably will get it too.. im specific, i said probably... not certainly ok! *rolleyes* anyway...

if they dont and you do have then sorry la, you have it la.. but there are certain ways for you to avoid them...

mostly breakouts are induced..

1. stress
2. dirty contact
3. sucky diet
4. cosmetics

for the stress part, just have lotsa sex to destress then can jor, you only have 24 hours a day, dont make it 25, you might just die the next day and you dont even know it so enjoy life!

for the dirty contact, very easy nia, never touch your face with your hands, avoid any long lala fringe from touching your forehead or face, hands/hair = oil = trap dirt = face = dirty contact..

wash your face with a suitable face wash... it doesnt need to be expensive, as long it doesnt cause your face to be too dry or too oily.. not all face wash is suitable, if you develop irritation or redness then throw it away or give someone else to use..

sometimes when you dont wash your face properly, and when there are still some facewash cream or lotion on your face, that will cause breakouts too.. i always slap my face with water from the atas especially these parts...

these are a few places people tend to miss out while washing their face, if facewash are left there for sometime, it will suck out the moisture in that area making it rough and dry and your skin will start to peel and breakouts will happen.. especially the jawline and the hair line.. so rinse with lotsa water :)

diet i cannot say anything la, malaysia food heaven, eat everything la.. just make sure drink lotsa water and kurangkan oily and spicy food... say only.. no one cares.. muahahahaha...

gays use cosmetics mou? erm... some vain ones do lor.. go to the club and you can see dozens.. muahahahaha...oh well.. oi leng mm moi meng... cosmetic block pores, clogged up pores + dirt will result in pimply red spots.. kihihi.. natural make up.. muahahaha...


first impressions are crucial! so.. water up people! :)


  1. i dont have pimples at all , my skin is smooth and i look hot !

  2. Now you endorsing which product ? Clinique ?

  3. Water intake!! ENOUGH SLEEP!! and of course, diet!
    don't squeeze ur pimples ahh, especially those around your nose, due to the easy spread of infection around the cavernous sinus. (google "Dangerous triangle of the face")

  4. My pimples are weird. It's like the dry season and wet season. After a pimple free few months, it'll be followed by pimple filled months for no obvious reason. They're crazy just like that. Evil things >_<

    And this post somehow reminds me of all those products that claim about their hydrating power and what not with those water pictures. Hahaha xD

  5. i wash all the anatomical location u mentioned...
    i still have it during stress moment...

  6. For me, it's all about stress.
    For example when I'm having exams (like now) :P

    I also find that not having enough sleep causes oily skin and breakouts. And dreadful dark eye circles and eye bags which are so hard to get rid off!!!!!!! :(

  7. @ooi2009 ~ good for you then:)

    @chen xing ~ please.. no! siao arr.. i au naturale! hahahaah

    @ninja ~ yes sifu! :)

    @aiden ~ i think you have period.. hahahaha...

    @naughty prince ~ stress itu internal.. macam mana you cuci pun tarak guna..

    @jboy ~ yes.. the not enough sleep is the most lethal... muahahahaha... and its besar and sakits type... benci benci benci...