t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


shit comes in all shapes and sizes and colours..

they say that baby shit are the purest.  have you seen baby shit before? hahaha.. its yellowish brown.. if your shit is yellowish brown means youre super healthy? hahaha..

well lets say youre experiencing constipation and you shit out a long one.. be it whatever colour.. after awhile while the shit is still floating, try to observe the colour change, the shit-berg (iceberg) part is darker than the parts that are in the water.. thats because the shit  that are in the water absorb water turning it soft and lighter in colour..

for those who have dark shit colour, its either youre not taking enough fibre and water or you have some condition that makes it that way.. fibre retains water.. and when you put your nestum cereal into a bowl and add water it will terus berkembang and macam soggy soggy like that right? same like the shit, if your shit is full with fibre, it will become soggy and retain water and that makes it easier for you to shit!! :) 

and hard shit tears your hole.. no anal sex then! :) 


leaf up people! :) go for leafy greens, cereal biscuits and lots and lotsa fruits :)


  1. Seems like you've been doing some experiments and observations xD

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  3. =.= u are so random zzzzzzzzzzz but i like it!lolz

  4. What a topic to blog about :|

    but, "GO GREEN FOR SHIT" sounds very catchy! xD

  5. >.<" tulsy became STOOLsy expert jor.....

  6. Lol..PETA activist ?

    Ok ok, I will eat my greens now.


  7. tuls,here's a motto for you:
    eat fruits for shit and skin....

  8. This is gross but actually informative.
    Interesting in a twisted way..... :P

  9. Yesterday was like hell, today was like shit. I wonder what tomorrow will be. LOL

  10. @alex ~ adalah.. buka mata je! ahahahaha...

    @AJ ~ trima kasih!! :)

    @clayden ~ i like that word!! boomz you!

    @ahpang20 ~ :) kihihihihi...

    @little prince ~ omgucci!! how have you been! *hugs* its disgustingly tuls! muahahahahaha

    @aiden ~ i know right! *snap fingers* its on!!

    @nate hill ~ im an all rounder! of course!!

    @CX ~ ahahahahahaha... good boy!! :)

    @ash godiva ~ no no.. no nice that one *cina slang*.. my motto nicer! muahahahahaah

    @le chatelier ~ muahahahahaha... a bit la.. but oh well :)

    @savante ~ harlo bedtime goddess! :) thanks! hahahahaha

    @naughty prince ~ erm.. nutritional arr? o... thanks!! *bow*

    @jboy ~ terima kasih kawanku! :)

    @tom ~ hahahahahah tomorrow is pimples!! jahahahahaha

    @ooi2009 ~ erm... right.. i have some on your condom! ooops! hahahahahaha