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Saturday, June 11, 2011


i went for a chinese wedding dinner recently and its been awhile since i went for one, this time around got roasted piglet omg my favourite! its so tak halal i couldnt kiss my ex love it so much!!! sorry AZ.. anyway..

so my mum and i was sitted with a bunch of aunties and they started to kepoh la as usual..

wah.. your son so big edi arr.. wah.. so leng zai arr.. wah.. got gf arr... wah this wah that! omg! i feel like slapping them but takde la..

then when the whole conversation died down, while the rest of the aunties were like still on going with their other topics among themselves, my mum was like saying..

hm.. dono how la next time when youre married... dono got people will come or not..

err... *look at her* im not getting married la! *smile*

hey, you better not play a fool i tell you..

*look at her with strained eyes* what?!

hmm.. we will talk at home!!

*both quiet*

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA... its been quite a few days jor but yet she dint start the discussion yet, i think she forgotten jor.. hahahahaah... she wont understand de la anyway.. hm...


  1. I WANT THE BABI , btw interracial ex ? woohoo!

  2. ur drawing of ur mom so funny...
    all the best for answering ur mom question...

  3. haha,yalo,DONT PLAY A FOOL there ar!hahahaha
    opps,someone in danger!hahaha...gonna be 逼婚 liao...AZ?!

  4. mental note, you and I cannot share the same wedding dinner table. either that or there should be 2 at least 2 suckling pigs.

    2nd note... better not disappoint her... looks like her hair could kill you...

    btw i miss your old banner pic.

  5. Ahhh the dreaded marriage question.. something all of us will have to face eventually.... gosh I wouldn't know how to answer if my mum asked...

  6. luckily my mum dun mind me being single my whole life, LOL

  7. the higher the hair, the closer to god. :) i've noticed that, mothers in general, no matter how traditional will get over it.. they might not accept it, but it won't be as bad as we all imagine. your mom may surprise you...

  8. @tuls Mother: Aunty, aunty ! Faster have the "talk" with him...

    @tuls: I sort of told my mother thrice, that I will live a single life.


  9. my mum had been mentioned"well...some gays also married what"....really make me speechless=.=

  10. @ooi2009 ~ hahaha.. wtf! hahahaha.. ok you can have the babi! and my ex if you want! hahahaha..

    @naughty prince ~ thanks! :) but no la.. im not talkin to her about it so soon...

    @AJ ~ i know.. but cannot come out to her so fast... must take some time and im not ready..

    @deicidal ~ we shall have 3 suckling pigs so each one one and then the third one to share... :) and i use the old banner back jor just for you :) hahahaha...

    @jboy ~ anor... how ar... hm...

    @orange wee ~ so good de :( i also want! hahahaha..

    @ABL ~ hopefully la.. oh.. my mum's hair i accidentally drew it so hai... on purpose! not real ok! hahahaha...

    @chen xing ~ yer! siao kia talk to my mother!! single life my ass! you will have lotsa partners ! muahahahahahaha

    @ash godiva ~ that one i also speechless! hahahahahaha

    @savante ~ yea.. my ex is halal :)

  11. <3
    I'm touched! touched until~~~~~
    The red lines spell tuls, right?

  12. Sadly, I am still waiting....


  13. @deicidal ~ omgosh you are damn pandai!! omgomgomg!! good one! :)

    @cx ~ *hugs* dont worry darling.. we will go mp and kill all our sorrows one night k :)