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Sunday, June 12, 2011

she knows jor...

so this afternoon i woke up with spots all over my body.. its not like normal spots and i dont have like fever or something so i thought its an allergic reaction to whatever la.. my bed ke.. the dust ke.. mosquito ke.. bee ke.. pollen ke whatever..

then i showed my mum..

come lets go see doctor now!!


lemme see.. your leg got or not? your back leh?

*took off clothes*

*look at me* why you dont know how to take care of yourself one?


you know the keyboard so dirty everyday you play the com dint wash hand before going to bed right?


hands so dirty then go sleep, you go overseas next time dono how you take care of yourself...

er.. what the hell, how do you even know i dint wash hands? omg... *laugh*

dont laugh, you got play those kind of things or not? *look at me seriously*

what the...

i tell you you better not play arr.. see all these spots, internal one...

what the... *eye got bigger*

i know.. starting very nice to play.. after a long time, finish playing edi then no one wants you already...


ok ok.. come come lets go...

and so we went to the clinic, got some antihistamine, and calamine to apply... mother o mother...


  1. that's what my mum said to me too
    Don't play those kind of thing..

  2. You should ask her, "Play what? I only play computer games only." Hahahahaha!!!

  3. what are those kind of thing? o.0

  4. I swear her hair gets bigger in proportion with her rage... it's scary! HAHAHAHAHHA

  5. erm,u sure what she hint u is wat the thing u thought?? but ur mom sure very besar hati cant hint u like this,if my mom,sure kill me d...wont hint me!:(

  6. Yeah I don't get it also... play what kind of thing?? so vague.....

  7. Mom of the year :)

  8. r u sure she hinting u on that things???

  9. haha what does she mean by "those thing" ?
    Or was she trying to use reverse psychology to make you tell yourself? XD
    btw, what happened? any itchiness or pain or other associated symptoms? doesn't sound like infection though... Hope you're fine now...

  10. why did she said "then no one wants you already"?!?!

    sorry to say this...her hair drawings reminds me of rosmah=.=

  11. Hi, am a silent reader, but this got my curiosity.. what things are you/your mom refering to?

  12. hi , i am a first timer here , can we be friends ?

  13. @khai ~ hahahahahaha.. mums know best!

    @naughty prince

    ~ she look at me with that stare.. the one you know she knows kinda stare! so yea...

    @deicidal ~ hahahahaha.. you and my mums hair omg! hahahahahaha

    @nate hill ~ terima kasihs! :)

    @ninja ~ those things are sex with the guys things la.. hahahaha.. and she is not psychoing me.. hahahaha... just allergic reaction.. not infection la my dear :)

    @keeceejay ~ i know la!! oh well :)

    @ash godiva ~ rosmah... no comment... hahahaha.. and dont equate them together thanks! hahahaha.. its like saying that in this gay world its not very realistic saying that our gay relationships are not very kukuh kinda thing..

    @lawrence ~ hey silent reader! *hugs* she is referring it to sex with guys lor.. oh well.. its not the first, second nor third time she is hinting me on this already.. so yea..

    @ooi2009 ~ of course!! *rolleyes*

  14. does tis mean... she knws tat u gay edi????

  15. i think she knows jor but she just hope its not...