t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers' day..

so bubu and his siblings are treating the hot dad for this fathers' day lunch and asked me to come along :) it was some fancy japanese restaurant and superbly awesome!! makan until super full... later that we went for a movie and then dinner then desserts...

b, so today you happy or not?

why? so random one...

yala.. i mean.. 

mm.. its been one whole day with you hor..


of course happy, if not happy also cannot, you know why?


because it is "HAPPY" fathers' day.. of course la happy..

=.= '''


  1. LAME 99. I only had KFC with the dad today. But dads love KFC, so whatever which suits him well~

  2. called mr dad.... but tat's it... hmm gotta find some gifts for mr dad. =p

  3. @tempus ~ im always lame thank you.. hahaha... good for daddy :)

    @CX ~ :)

    @vincent ~ oh, your dad is gay too!? wow! hahahahahaha