t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

have you been to hell?

we always use hell to enhance the severity of the condition, hot like hell, smelly like hell, itchy like hell, fat like hell, ugly like hell, short like hell, tall like hell, pain like hell..

have we really been to hell?

is hell really all that?

how do you know hell exist?

where are we going after we leave this land?

eee... dowana think... hahahaha.. tak masuk akal...

but i love to watch hellboy.. its random i know.. but .. lalalala...

i look like men with red spots now.. ugly like hell.. its is not itchy like hell but i still have a headache pening like hell.. have to go and register my ielts which is damn far like hell under the hot sun which is hot like hell with no car, really damn "suay" like hell man...


  1. the 2 drawing u draw one ar??hahahaha (lolz,altho i know definitely not from u!just kacau u jek blek)

  2. Helllllll yea~!!(Bitchy style talk) LOL! :P

  3. Hell ya, I never been there before.


  4. you lame like hell got la.

  5. If your version of hell is already so beautiful and nice, then what's your version of the heaven? Hahahahaha!!!

  6. well... Buddhism has no heaven... so i assume part of it will be like the christian's version of heaven... =p

  7. The only time i use the word hell is when i say

    All my life I've been good, but now, woohhhh ohhhh what the hell! ;)

  8. @AJ ~ blek!! *hugs*

    @klex ~ hell to the no! hahahaha.. glee!

    @CX ~ hell my ass! hahahaha...

    @thatBitch ~ i miss you a lot! :)

    @calvin ~ how you know heaven exist jek? kihihihi....

    @vincent ~ HAHAHAHAHAHA.. can also geh...

    @jboy ~ oh i hate that song initially! but when sing K and wanna scream can sing that song la! kinda sohai but still yea!! hahahahah

    @naughty prince ~ ooooooooooo... they say God is everywhere, why not in hell just to look see look see jek?

    @ooi2009 ~ no we have not.. at least not in real life! :)

  9. Oh hahahahaha would u believe it!! The song just started playing on the radio right now when I was reading the comments for this post!! talk about good timing, so WHAT THE HELL!!! :P