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t u l s

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


haha.. yes indeed that i paused blogging only for like what, less than a day? it doesnt even make any sense but yea..

some people say im doing it cos i lack of attention, oh please.. *flips hair* i cant stop them thinking what they want.. nexT!!!

the fact that i receive tens of emails concerning about this thingy and i was like so tersentuh like ET touching human like that.. among the few..

Am just a silent long term follower of ur blog. Always chicken out when I want to leave comment in your blog. ><

Haiz just when I wanted to start giving comments, you stopped liao.... ><   I was shocked when I saw your blog webpage just now. :(((( Well, hope to read more from you and yeap, STAY STRONG!! totally agree with bubu's latest post, you shouldn't be defeated. Do update more, there are lotsa fans of u out there! 

u are the first gay blog i started to read, and i love ur blog deeply, in ur blog i found that funny, power and encourage !!! hey no matter what happened u and ur bf keep on ur life style!!!!!!!!!! i will never forgot your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was nice getting feedbacks lor seriously! muahahaha... ok fine, shout please i can hear it already!! what? lack of attention? whatever!!! hahahahahahh...

and the fact that my hands are so itchy i kenot la just full stop period dont blog.. haha.. a bunch even requested the old post to be placed back.. lets just say it will be after screening thru.. i cant risk people whom i know before this life to know about my colourful past.. lalalala...

thanks for your suPPROTZ, tuls will remain... kihihihi...

gossip gays..


  1. a legend will never stop :P!!

  2. Whoa, u know you're epic when u get fan mail like that. :)

  3. good that u have so much fans....

  4. Wahlao... I didn't read your blog for a few days and suddenly this happens. Keep on writing tuls, you don't have to abandon the whole forest for a single tree. :)

  5. you tersentuh also reading my message eh??hehehe

  6. @daniel ~ :)

    @alex ~ wtf! im not a legend!! hahahha.. but thanks.. hahahha..

    @jboy ~ erm... epic makes me sound so old omg! hahahahahaha...

    @naughty prince ~ yea... im blessed! :)

    @tom ~ hahahahahaha.... i like your metaphor! muacks you~

    @ash godiva ~ :) perasan betul! hahahahaha