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t u l s

Friday, June 17, 2011

excessive masturbation...

i dont think i need to explain much further..

summer holiday = free time = too much free time + boredom + horniness = excessive masturbation

the end result is...

my whole body has been aching for the past 3 days now and still ongoing to the point where i think im gonna die.. hahahaa...

even when im sitting down my biceps and triceps hurt.. when i stand and shower i cant stand stationary at one position for long my calves and my thighs hurt like crap...

muscle fatigue wtf...

will i die? gosh...

i want this feeling to end..

and i tahaned jor... 2 days no masturbation.. still belum baiks..


oh when i say excessive masturbation i mean like more than 4 times a day for a consecutive few days ...

this is call padan muka but....haih....

belum kena joloks pun sakit.. hahaha.. memang tak guna...


  1. jing jin ren wang ~ o(≧v≦)o

  2. got thaat bad anot orh? go work out la, maybe its because your muscles are lack of activities. they are yearning for pumps!!1

  3. wah!!!!!4 times a day for the past few days?!masturbation only wor,u really geng!hahaha.....too boring d i guess u

  4. how can masturbation do all this damage... when i read thigh or other ache.. i tot u used dildo tim =.="

  5. No wonder you're unable to talk on fb chat these days. Tsk tsk. You bad bad boy! hahahahaha xD

    But seriously, excessive masturbation can lead to all that? O.O

    Hahaha. I can't stop laughing xD

  6. Wow 4 times a day for consecutive days?!!!

    that's just way too much >.<

  7. LMAO!! If all of those muscles hurt.. How about the "main" muscle?.. lol

  8. I've never heard of excessive masturbation will lead to aching in other parts of your body.

  9. tuls... i don think its masturbation... mayb its some underlying prob... mayb u sleepwalk and bump jor..ur penis muscle arch or not a?

  10. Menyahut seruan tuls, been doing it since read his post with someone. I jerk off 7 times and he had his 3 round. Th equipment was all wet messy reddish and macam bengkak, lnguh lengan, kaki betis my waist and back.Then went out eat salad continue again and chat awhile with some msn friend. Go back home call back the guy, phone sex+chat sex+vid sex tfk again both twice. Accumulated cum=damn a lot. Now tired maybe gonna sleep the whole day tommorow. Yeah sore muscle everywhere. Huhu expriment proven true.

  11. @zeev ~ what does that means?

    @tempus ~ its really de.. im not kidding.. and its not lack of exercise la.. hahahaha...

    @AJ ~ tell me about it :) hahahahaha

    @whizkid ~ can de... i also rono... but ive no other sickness and that must be it...

    @aiden ~ such an idiot! hahahahahahah... dont laugh.. hahahahaha

    @jboy ~ i learn my lesson jor :(

    @brainy smurf ~ :( i just want this sickness to end... its friday friday.. ei.. wrong day. hahhaha..

    @klex ~ surprisingly the main muscle doesnt hurt at all.. just that morning's erection is not there for 2 days already... :(

    @ninja ~ speechless by lady gaga! fucking awesome weyyyyyyyyy!! wohooooooooooo!!

    @chen xing ~ its more that 4 times la.... wtf... *knock head*

    @calvin ~ now you know :(

    @vincent ~ im not like you! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! have fun in sg!!

    @KIT ~ terima kasih kerana menziarahi blok saya.. kamu buat sehari sahaja dan sudah mendapat kesan, cuba kamu bayangkan apakah yang akan terjadi jika menyahut cabaran dan meneruskan sebanyak 4 hari.. mampus kamu! hahahahaha

    @naughty prince ~ :(