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t u l s

Thursday, June 9, 2011

bakuteh chocolate..

so yesterday it rained from like 3 till God knows when and i so happen to fall sick the same time it rained.. it was cold and i was having a headache and my rose is running, tissues piling up.. damn sucky feeling..

called bubu and az to cancel the meet and called mum to get me dinner when she comes back..

*door opened*

come, i bought bak kut teh for you!

when youre cold with running nose, nothing beats bak kut teh la...

after finishing everything.. i thought of popping two reese's chocolate that i got from temasik..

opened the wrapper of the first one... was gonna pop it into my mouth and then...

OI!! what are you doing?

er... eat la!!??

cannot cannot!!


you just had bak kut teh and youre sick!!! cannot cannot!!


come, give me! 

*pass it to her*

i eat...


and the other one.. give it to me too...

*look at her..*

*she looked at me*


siao bitch, makan my chocolate!! eeeeeeeeeee.. hahaha.. but it was hilarious..  only i can call her bitch cos im the son of a bitch :) i love my mum!! :)


  1. i always do that to my mum coz she's allergic to prawns.hahaha

    so happy to see your drawing back:D

  2. At first, from your title I was wondering what on earth is bak kut teh chocolate. Got such thing? Eeeewww.... hahahahaha!

    It's always like that, when you're sick, you always wanna eat food that you're not supposed to eat.

  3. sick can eat bahkuteh meh???
    get well soon...

  4. Lol, your mum curi your chocolate! XP, i've never heard of people eating bahkuteh when having cold before lo..

  5. @ooi2009 ~ irrelevant! hahahahahaha...

    @ash godiva ~ thanks! :) kihihihi....

    @calvin ~ yes!!! i want chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @naughty prince ~ i rono wor... i like it cos its hot!

    @klex ~ i never too.. just that cos its hot and it will somehow clear my congestion temporarily! :)