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t u l s

Monday, June 6, 2011


its been an awesome year since i started blogging, made lots of friends from thru this, some close ones, some not so close ones, some online based, some meet on a daily basis, some flings, some that hate me.. haha.. 

one thing i learn as a gay blogger, you either embrace yourself fully as one like Eric as Takashi @ PLUBOY or stay anonymous forever. If you are afraid that someone might know who you are and yet you wanna blog about gay related stuff, just forget it.. mouths are everywhere.. you cant stop other people from talking, but you yourself can dont blog and no one will know..

recently there are mouths around saying that tuls = (my real name).. one sampat can spread the rumour to 7 sampats.. and the cascade go on.. yea.. you might say that what the hell who is tuls, he think he is so popular is it? haha.. these aunties are just around my neighbourhood, i just dont want it to reach my parents..

ive seen the destruction that some has done to my friends, i cant let it happen to me.. i dont need another stranger come telling me that i should follow the light all those nonsense crap.. haha.. at least i get myself a job first, stable down.. and if my family were to found out then and to disown me, at least i dont have to worry about anything but for now i guess i will lay low.. haha.. hopefully not long cos my hands quite itchy de sometimes.. hahahaha...

to all the old ginger bloggers, keep up the good work spreading gay love in this gaylogosphere, to the new comers, you guys boomz and tambah minyaks alright! i know.. im being dramatic.. as usual... muahhahahahaha.. 

if youre reading this, thank you for being an awesome reader, muacks to you :) my last drawing :)

to my kawans, you know where to find me.. to my future kawans, there is always my email kat bawah tepi kanans :) hahahahahah..



  1. tuls, are you making an exit from the blogsphere ?

  2. wei pause for how long oh...? :'(

  3. awwww , it so poetic ...sob sob

  4. :(((((((((
    Come back soon k? :(

  5. Oh no!
    I feel kind of empty all of a sudden..

  6. a void feeling that no one can replace =(

  7. X(
    i just found out ur blog but...
    haiz T^T

  8. i m a newbie here!!!! dor dor ji gao! :)

  9. too bad, just get to know you only

  10. Love you blog - will miss it!

  11. @chen xing ~ i menopause nia! but stop jor cos i took hormonal pills! muahahahahaha!!

    @KeeCeeJay ~ play jor lor..

    @ooi2009 ~ poeitic ammo! hahahahaha.. back jor la!!

    @klex ~ im back darling!! :)

    @jboy ~ dont la! let me fill you up with my song! muahahahaha...

    @ryan ~ ok you guys gonna make me cry jor..

    @zeev ~ hahahahaha.. im still here!!

    @lucifer ~ erm erm... right...

    @brainy smurf ~ im still here beb!! :)

    @splatnz ~ dont miss it, its still on! :)

  12. miss ur drawing and blog...
    keep in touch...

  13. @naughty prince + helix ~ im still here! hahahaha..

  14. you just make a joke kan?

    motif sentap tetiba...

    i hope you dont stop ok.

    p/s i baca hari2 tau. I malas jer nak komen. Bleh? Hihihi

  15. muacks you joey! :) hahahahaha... see you around! :)