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Saturday, June 18, 2011

reality vs superficiality...

was having a serious talk with bubu last night...

is dick size really that important to you?


so, what if i make my dick bigger for you? i googled it just now for some exercises that could make it longer maybe like an inch or two or something..

err... please dont... pain enough already...

....*rolleyes* but, i thought you love it big?..... ok put that aside, what if we dated for 3 months and suddenly you found out that my dick was small, what will happen?

it will somehow be different, as in.. sooner or later.... as in.. it will just not work out..

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre so superficiaL!!!!

what?!?! im just being realistic

but seriously la... why not you just ask to have sex on the first date or why not ask me about my dick on the first date then?

well of course we need to generate a good impression before anything, what will you feel if i were to ask you about your dick size on the first date? will you be mad and leave the place or something?



but, how can you be so superficial?

i am just being realistic, i know what can satisfy me and what cant... its preference, like some guys prefer to fuck trannies, i just need something that is substantial! once that is settled then everything is tolerateable, cos thats the only thing on the body that you cant change...

yer.. such a slut..

i know :)

but seriously, what if you date someone very very innocent and very traditional.. the person who like give it to you until after 3 months and by then you fall for him already.. and then only you realize his dick is small.. how?

no such thing, takkan wont touch wont grope wont blowjob and stuffs.. sure got one... can check one...

but what if he dont let all these...


*both laugh out loud*

those who are virgin and first timers, yes you may say love conquers everything, but sex is important too.. dont just say aiyar sex is nothing, if you love me you wont mind the sex.. yes it may be true for SOME couples but for most(at least those who done it before) people, it does make a difference.. not to say that if you have a small dick you wont have a boyfriend, its all about preference, there are guys who love guys with small dicks, there are guys who likes transgenders.. once you have done it, you will know :) not encouraging sex or what, just a heads-up :) muacks you guys!! muahahahaha...


  1. ur drawings always amaze , btw why babi dowan to go msn ?

  2. Guys with dicks like the 2nd pic from the left is a winner! So sharp (macam pisau) and when penetrates, it causes internal bleeding to the poor bottom T_T!!!

  3. I realise that you drew a little third leg of your own there.

    Emphasis on little, since we're on the subject.


  4. If small, then I'll get him a strap-on dildo to wear.

    Cleaner, safer and bareback anytime...

    LOL !!!

  5. hahahahaha this conversation is so funny, i like how u guys are so honestly funny XD

  6. if too big=painful then need to take it as a challenge!!!

  7. LOL, never knew dick size is so important, hmm, better think abt it, XD

  8. when i read this post...
    i really touched...
    especially the last part...
    i thought love conquers everything but reality is not..

  9. @ooi2009 ~ thanks :) hahahaha... im there!! blek!!!

    @keeChinPang ~ hahahaha.. thanks! :)

    @alex ~ omg! are you thinking what im thinking right now? hahahaha.. im thinking that your prince charming's is that sharp then your bawah sudahs terhurt, is it? muahahahaha

    @deicidal ~ it was accidental la! hahahahaha... to me cannot be smaller than... hahaha.. nevermind.. we shall skip it! *shy*

    @CX ~ yer.... blek!! no syok one!!

    @jboy ~ terima kasihs!!

    @ash godiva ~ erm... right... *rolleyes* NOTTTTTTTTT!

    @orange wee ~ hahahahahahahaha.. it is!! hahahahaha

    @naughty prince ~ *hugs*