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Friday, June 10, 2011

watermelon boy...

bubu and i was like in this korean food place in MV just to try out the set lunch thing cos murah ma while waiting for our movie to start and we makan and makan then habis jor the waitress came with a plate of i think 5 watermelon slices..

bubu took a bite..

mmm.. erm.. b, you try and see..

being the fruit-hater me, i usually wont try de even if terpaksa also wont try but cos i give face so took a bite lor..

*bite* erm.. oh.. normal..

spoil edi arr?

erm.. nola.. i think got plastic smell nia, normal la they wrap with plastic..

he took my piece and took a bite.. eeeeeeeee, not nice one i think spoil edi.. *put down*

*took the third piece and a bite* eee... spoil also..

*took the fourth piece and a bite again* mmm.. not nice also...

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. cibai siao kia, you know spoil still wanna try!! wtf!!

what?! *smile* i love watermelon!!

stupid! muahahahahahaha

sometimes we know that something is amiss but we still wanna try it out and hope that maybe its not.. humans are like that lor.. sometimes we know that our bfs are cheating on us but we still try not to believe.. ngam mou? hahahahahaha.. eating watermelon can relate to relationship! power leh! i know... hahahahahaha.. this is specially dedicated to Chen Xing a rainbow in me....


  1. OK, here comes another stalker or spammer (look at the comment above mine). Hahahaha!!!

    OMG! I laughed out real loud like crazy when I read how you described bubu took one after another just to try again and again and kept saying "spoil also". Hahahahaha!!! Chin jia siao kia!

  2. Ada ke talk about watermelon can suddenly shift gear and change lane to talk about relationship. Geng! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  3. i like the analogy and i like watermelons ^-^ i can eat one whole watermelon myself then cough cough cough the next day >.<"

  4. Ohh does CX like to eat watermelon? :P

  5. In a way, watermelon projects a cooling effect upon consuming it.

    And @J-boy, the answer is yes. I love anything and everything that contain juices.

    LOL !!!

  6. cause he think that not all spoil ma...
    he had faith in it ma...
    jz ask them to change a new plate lo...

  7. @HARRYGOAZ ~ you too..

    @calvin ~ he does it to few of our friends too.. oh well.. whatever la!! *rolleyes* anyway im damn power i can relate everything together one! muahahahaha!! and that bubu also one thing siao one! really! can laugh and still try and say spoil! hahahaha.. idiot!

    @nate hill ~ omgucci! seriously! i hate watermelon! the last time i had it was in juice form and was forced by my uncle to drink one whole litre of it cos i got dengue fever wtf!

    @jboy ~ hahahahahah.. i have no idea! you ask him :)

    @chen xing ~ omg! wtf! siao bitch! hahahaha.. juices huh! KIDZ!! where are you!?!?!??!

    @naughty prince ~ hahahaha. wah... now faith pulak.. power la ! hahahahaaha... i wont ask cos i no like watermelon! hahahahaha

  8. found your blog last night and i spent 2 hrs reading your entries. you are hilarious! nice to see a malaysian reppin it so well in the blogosphere! xoxo