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Monday, June 20, 2011

reality vs superficiality PART 2...

recently the acid splasher thing is going crazy in the kl selangor area and so we had a brief talk on it tibe tibe..

b, you know the acid splasher thing right...


what if one day i kena acid splash... and we are both very in love already.. like this long liao la.. what will happen?

erm... *look at bubu in the eye*


so? *expecting something positive*

erm.. i will still love you, but it will soon fade somehow....

what the hell!!! i was expecting "i will always love you no matter how you look like"...

bwahahahahaha.. OI, sorry la...

yerrrrrrrrr.. you not romantic at all..

ok la, put it this way la, if i kena acid splash, the face is like cement like that, i also will somehow either leave you or make you hate me so that we wont be together.. then you will be better off me, seriously...

but if you kena acid splash i will still love you lor...

arr.. dont be ridiculous... no need to jaga my hati.. lets be realistic ok!

yerrrr.. i dowana talk to you already...

hahahahah.. idiot dont talk about this topic la! CCHOYYYYYYYYYYYY!! no one will kena acid splash la idiot!!

call me heartless or not romantic, you can even hate me, i dont really care.. but seriously deep down ask yourself, is looks that important to you? they say  love is blind, so is my ass! 

its nice if the person looks decent, you start to mix with him and all, then his  outstanding personality starts to shine then you started to like him and then get together and his decent looks will somehow become beautiful in the long run, and sometimes bonus some guys looks hotter when they age.. call me superficial, but i am! to a certain extent, if you can find someone that is not superficial at all, i wanna be his best friend till i die, seriously. that species is extinct, even the ugliest guy on earth is superficial, you believe me or not?

if you and your bf had an arguement over this kinda superficial realistic issues, you can ask him to grow up and get a life, slap him in the face and say, this is not your dream, we are in the realistic world, take me or leave me! bwahahahahaha... 


  1. Aw, you're so realistic. But seriously, you totally ruined the moment there

    And I totally agree. Even the ugliest guy on Earth is superficial.

  2. Here's the thing. Reality sucks. It's like dying. Dying sucks. So what do we do before we die? We pray. Undeniably so, in despair. But, why? Because we want to hope.

    And hope is fake. It's like love. So what do we do when we lack love? We promise. Why? To give hope, as much to ourselves as to our beloved.

    ...all that being said, hope is right. Love is right. And doing all we can to live up to those promises however futile they are, is right.

    My point (finally eh) is, just say the right things. We all know that everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. We just don't say it out loud.

  3. I'm not superficial wor.... maybe I'm not mix or meet with new friend?

  4. its all circumstantial lor.. the human brain and feelings are change all the time, in fact everything changes all the time. Instead of being worried if he will change when u kena splashed, might as well just enjoy while it lasts~ trust me, you have great karma in being able to find someone you can cherish, just treasure that alone will do good~

  5. Let's just hope and pray that none of us will ever have to be in a position to find out what will happen.

    Acid splasher be gone!

  6. Somehow u made my my-bf-must-be-handsome criteria sounded extremely foolish~ Yeah, u enlightened me on this matter. Thanks~

  7. Bwahahahaha...you guys really cracked me up. There is never a dull moment for you guys. watermelon, dangerous driving etc etc.

  8. P/S youve been tagged to do a meme,

    would appreciate it if you could do it. pretty please.

  9. love is blind, so is my ass.

    a very good one. =D

  10. @aiden ~ i know im an evil bitch.. :)

    @deicidal ~ *hugs*

    @khai ~ good that youre not lor :) are you sure youre not? hahahahahah

    @tempus ~ im blue by the way.. always been :)

    @jboy ~ yea! hahahahahah *hugs*

    @le chatelier ~ *hugs* no prob!

    @KIT ~ erm.. alright.. i will try to do...

    @vincent ~ muacks! im meeting your baby tonight..

  11. I think la...I think I'm not.... hahahhaha