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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

presint 2 my ass!!

cos of the visa application thing i need to get myself a certificate of good conduct.. *rolleyes* as though its a crime to sleep with 200 mans... anyway... i was directed by the address to presint 2 in putrajaya... and fuck presint 2 cos the road signs are not that clear at all i end up first round at the police station, u turn and then reach to some presint something... its stated there presint 1, 8, 10-22... so where the fuck is my presint 2?!?! anyway i decided to head to presint 1, cos logically 2 should be beside 1 and ok la.. so ngam it is... i pass through that nice-looking-from-afar bridge but not so nice from dekat...

anyway... reach jor that presint 2.. i thought of just park my car somewhere and walk...  and so i parked.. the bangunans are like those so kebesaran(not to say that im jakun or what) like it can transform into some transformers those kinda shape and colour.. anyway.. i parked at PRESINT 2.. some big carpark and then went down and ask for direction to the foreign affair ministry..that officer lookalike pointed to me at the second traffic light turn left and then said that i will see road signs after that.. the second traffic light looks like 1 2km away... so much for walking.. walk my ass la walk.. and so i drove...

fuck that shit i turn at the second traffic light and there is no fucking sign that says ministry of foreign affairs.. i stop the car and then ask a kind hearted old man by the road side, he ask me to go back out to the main road and turn right the second traffic light and the building will be on my left... second traffic light again.. ok fine.. and so i followed his directions and voila i turn at the second traffic light and all i can see on the left are trees and forest... the sign turn left says taman wawasan and wisma putra.. so fuck i dint turn left and i made a u turn because that area im heading looks very jungle-ish.. so i stopped by the road side and look at the map by the bus stop, thank goodness there is one and i try looking for ministry of foreign affairs.. and guess what.. the area is near wisma putra or was it in wisma putra.. fuck that shit man... fucker ask me go presint 2, this place when i reach there have to go uphill de leh... like going to some palace like that covered from the public view, how the fuck should i know there is a bangunan up in the bukit jek? and how is wisma putra = presint 2? they should specify where ma...  write la wisma putra... stupid presint 2 slap them, fuck la presint 2 so central but the foreign affair shit is so sankala...

anyway i reach and enter with my armpits all drenched in sweat can see 2 bulatan big big dark blue...ewwwwww... when i wanted to enter the bangunan that lady shouted at me, then i went over, then she say

saya boleh tembak kamu, kamu tau tak?


tak nampak ke sign sana, kena register..

*gave IC*

*hand over pass*


the sign to register is so small, and the booth to register is hidden, so how the fuck should i know that you need to register? and the mother effing gate is open so i just entered la... next time please put a sign big big, 


  1. That, my friend, is Putrajaya. Administrative centre of our nation. All that land, that space, that malay population. Good for nothing except wedding photoshoots and Men's Health Night Runs.

    I'm sure I enjoyed the place as much as you did. :D

  2. hahaa...if next time I need to go there,i will call u up!in case u still in msia la,haha,drive me there :P

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Mu ake ku tang kalu mu ceroboh masok.

  4. yea it's damn screwed and f**k-ed up... I did mine last Wednesday, luckily I went with my friend with Ipad and can get direction from the google map instantaneously, and we asked 89675298657894 people before we went, and got to the correct place. Did you go to the commissioner of oaths? It was DARN huge, BUT, the place where we need to register and also the paying counter, can only occupy...10 people? WTH...
    Yea, the malay lady is a bit*h. Can't they just talk nicely? When I was registering there @ the entrance of wisma putra, the malay guy was busy flirting with my fren (a girl), never bother ppl queuing up at the back... =.=

  5. Dear Deicidal,

    dont stereotypa all pple , every race has weakness , its ok to have malays there ,nothing wrong with that . There is nothin wrong with malay population there ok , bcoz if u want to complain about a place and its race population , what about penang , u like if pple say all cina population ???

  6. Well, statistically, they are the majority in Penang. To clarify, I'm not complaining. But, I do stereotype. And yes, there is nothing wrong with the people there. :) I simply sympathise with tuls'...grievances.

  7. I thought I left a comment here already. Anyway, YES! I hate the buildings there! If I'm not mistaken, Precint 18 is just next to Precint 2 which doesn't make any sense at all!

  8. LOL... "sankala".... not bad what canto.. ahha
    anyway, u ask that bitch tembak la.. mana pistol, m16 hang?! tembak la.. kalo tak yah masok penjara.. ingat dia siapa ni harh... kurang asam...

  9. Haha, some guys suka tau ketiak basah...

  10. sorry all i am replying for tuls today , he is busy :

    @Deicidal ~ next time dun stereotype

    @Deicidal(2nd time)~ i know , but the island got the cina-apek-kind that think only one race can be the greatest , we forget that the world has many cultures ,not just one

    @ AJ ~ no thanks , you should drive there yourself

    @ KIT ~ i dont speak that language fluently , dun make me angry

    @ ninja ~i know , like WTH kan ? anyway , are u a real ninja , if u are , i want to do you

    @ Tom ~ no , better people in malaysia also bitch

    @ ooi2009~ as usual , thanx for the comment ok

    @ Aiden ~ the place is big , can get lost easily

    @ Eric~ you used the word "hang" , i find that sexy

    @ Nameless ~ur gross

    @ Nate hill ~holy shit!

  11. ooi2009, do you think its funny to do stuffs like this? why are you assuming that im busy? do you wanna get on my last nerve? now i find it stupid to reply cos you did and not what i intend to say... you spoil my mood.. a lil.. but i still love you as a friend.. so dont do it again..

    to the rest of the people, putrajaya sux, and i hate that bitch..

  12. hear hear! as tuls would say: "NEXT TOPICCCCC!!"

  13. harh? serious? hang tuah hang jebat mai lagi sexy then? ahhahaha.....