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Thursday, June 30, 2011

why are we immature??!?!

have you ever wonder why some guys are so immature?

have you ever wonder why are you immature?

sometimes we kutuk them like: yer... why is he so childish.. or

*rolleyes* please grow up la...


we do it all the time kan?


the thing is.. we are childish because we can!

we wanna be childish because we are still young..

and thats the only time we can afford to be childish.. once you step into the 30s... and if youre still chidish then.. the *rolleyes* will be permanent...

ok la. maybe not 30 la.. maybe below 25 la... once youre like 26 and still childish then maybe la you will considered immature.. 

not only bottoms are immature, some tops do it too.. they manja and all.. i mean.. its normal la..

some guys when they are like 18 or 19 and talk the big cock(not like its really that big) about the big political shit wanna be mature and all.. yes, its good to be mature but come on la... seriously? 18? please enjoy your life la... relax and chill la skit... dont waste your youth... 

i like to be immature all the time.. i hell care about what people say...

but when it comes to work and studies, its a total different me..

not like im living a double life, wait... basically all gays live a double life kan, we are men then loves men, isnt that a  doubly thing? kihihihi...

anyway... dont think we immatures are blonde bimbotic slutiches (slut+bitch+es)..

you havent seen the best of us..

if you dont like what you see then turn around, open your mouth wide saying : OH MY GO* and eat your fist!



  1. Haha, totally agree on that! We can be childish because we can ;-) But then some wanted to be superman mah, mah let them be loh. Chill chill~

  2. I can be childish in front of my dear...if it's time to act childish, let be it...relax and enjoy lah....

  3. Childish very sedaps pun u know... Child-dish... Ok now I'm being childish

  4. I want to be classy and not childish.


  5. I like the "eat fist" phrase... XD so cute. :P
    just to let them know, our body starts decaying after 22 years old. So my lecturer told us, we shouldn't be celebrating "happy birthday" after 22, should be "happy decaying".... LOL! but that's rather pessimistic though. XD

  6. everyone can be immature and childish at times

  7. It's so fun to be childish sometimes. Like hello! xD

  8. i agree with u...
    when come to relationship i also tends to be childish and want to be sayang...
    ur OMG changed from Oh My Gucci to Oh My Go liao ar???

  9. someone praised u in skyhawk's post comment

  10. Wasn't this topic covered some time back? heheheheh

    While I don't want to rain on the parade of any 18 year old aspiring politician... age does force a perceptive limit on us. I kinda understand why anyone would wanna hide it.

    It's like, if you're doing something then suddenly someone plasters a timer on your head and it's ticking in bright red digits. :( Frustrating. What happened to being all you wanna be?

  11. @le chatelier ~ hahahahaha.. superman not sexy de.. outfit malfunction :) hahahaha... such a turn off!!

    @skyhawk ~ hahahaha.. yea.. me too.. good for you..

    @PFJ ~ muahahahahahah... omg! damn awesome like that also can think of!! hahahahaha

    @CX ~ defying gravity... oh well.. you are also heading that way jor.. as in the age so its ok la... OOOOPS! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    @ninja ~ :( happy decaying...

    @ash godiva ~ yup!! itu betuls!!

    @aiden ~ hello hello baby you called i cant hear a thing!!!!

    @naughty prince ~ hhahahahahahaha... transition la...still ongoing.. follow mood... hahaha

    @ooi2009 ~ erm.... alright?... wth la you.. hahhahhah.. i saw but i dowana like comment.. damn perasan right if i do so... blek!!

    @deicidal ~ was it? erm... whatever la.. hahahahaha.. oh well.. humans are like that de lor.. biase lor...

    @legolas ~ i miss lord of the rings and you look so hot in it... *hugs*

  12. 开心就好啦
    Goooood mornin! :D