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t u l s

Thursday, April 14, 2011

spring break!!

although we are in malaysia but spring does exist for courses that are from countries with seasons :)

now the UK is having spring so naturally we will have our 3 weeks of spring break starting from now..

haha.. but after the spring break will be our finals.. 

so spring break is something like a study break la right..

UK programmes have got no study break so dont argue say how good it is to have spring break for three weeks where IMU only have 2 weeks or whatsoever.. ahaha.. tibetibe IMU keluar wtf...

although i should be studying for my finals now but the mood is just not there ya know..

its as though finals is still far but.. hahahaha.. what the hell am i thinking!!

procrastinate procrastinate is all im doing!! cannot la! hahahaha..

last night i was temaning bubu study giving him online support and all till 6am in the morning.. this morning i woke up with my hand holding the phone.. hahahaha.. dont know whether i slept while talking to bubu last night or i wanted to call him but slept! hahahaha...

bodohnyer me...

ok la.. will start studying next week la.. hahahahaha... 



  1. Yellow? So that's a Lemon tree?

    -comment dao nothing to comment.. Xp

  2. Nice pic...like Kidz, dunno what to comment...now commenting for the sake of commenting nia and prove that I m still your loyal reader.

  3. Online only har??? U shud go with him lar to McD..... Seeing you around might give him all the mood to study. Hahahaha

  4. Now only I see. Two guys dating in the park.

    Haha...the drawings a little abstract today.

  5. or get him too horny too concentrate. :P

  6. Yes!! procrastinationalism!! Imma big fan of it!!


    This is by far the most beautiful drawing you've done. I love the colours, the effect, and you used the full screen. Love the combination and the tiny round dots all over. LOVE IT!

  8. I agree with Calvin.. really well drawn!
    The tree trunk also got 2 tones haha, talk about attention to detail!

  9. now u have reminded me . finals in june! arghh . hate u.

  10. @kidz ~ sorry if this post nothing to comment on.. you can just put a smiley face and that will make me smile jor :) but thankiu! and its not a real tree anyway.. its spring... so its just a general tree.. some tree la.. whatever you like..

    @ooi2009 ~ not!!! hahahaha...

    @skyhawk ~ thankiu loyal fan of mine!! :) thanks for your time! *tongue out* i know what you did last summer in Fox's blog! hahahahaha...

    @whizkid ~ i cannot la.. my kakis like this.. how to drive?! ahhahahah.. gimme one more week ok! the black clot is dropping off! :)

    @deicidal ~ serious one.. if i was there with him, he wont be able to concentrate! :)

    @CX ~ its not abstract lor :) its Spring!! :)

    @eric ~ high FIVE!! wohoooooo!!

    @calvin ~ thankiu so much for your endless support on ONLY the picture :)

    @j-boy ~ thanks! hahahahaah... hahahahaha... this is a once in a blue moon drawing.. hahahaha..

    @mark ~ boo you!! me too!! :(

  11. Sei yeh ah! I can sense sarcasm in your reply wor. Hahahaha!!! What do you mean I ONLY (some more purposely put CAPITAL LETTER) comment on the picture? I do read the post before scrolling down to see the picture but honestly, I always anticipate what are you gonna draw in your next post. Hehehe...