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t u l s

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my new pee-ing style!!

this is how i pee! 

this position is done on purpose one..

guess what is the reason?


if you notice yesterday's post..

i said that i couldnt stand for long cos that leg hurts.. hahahaha..

so this is my latest most updated pose while peeing!! hhhahah...

i got a feeling it will stay for awhile...

and to bubu's mum: auntie, what cannot tahan pain? your son's trophy so big also enter liao la.. this one... haih... im manja-ing him only mar!! blek you auntie! hahahaha...

bubu, dont tell your mum k! hahahahaah


  1. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha (to bubu's mom reply) XD

  2. ahahahahahahaha, bubu, tell your mum! hahahahahahaaha, wonder what her reaction would be? :P

  3. People is showing off his bf's trophy here...

  4. now to see the kama sutra positions on one leg....

  5. Think Bubu wont tell ba, i mean what if auntie bubu replies this,

    "Big meh? ur daddy's one okay only woh, see see.."

    **to dancerboy, just kidding here, hope u dun mind.. xp

  6. Trophy?? I don't believe in such huge cock! LOLOLOL

  7. CX, i think front view shud be photo, illustration might be exaggerated sometimes, he might draw Rapunzel again =p

  8. @jason ~ hhahahahahahahh.... she sporting la that woman!!

    @whizkid ~ she would totally ask me to fan gai! hahahaha.. no need to go up to her house anymore! hahahahahah

    @skyhawk ~ this is not the first time okeh! hahahahah... got ma.. so can show off lor.. if small small one wanna show what wor? hahahahaha..

    @deicidal ~ wow! good good! please documentkan it ok! then gimme sign the papers! hahahaha..

    @LMO ~ what the! hahahahaha.... can also la.. you try next time ok! see got woof sound anywhere or not.. hahaha.. *rolleyes*

    @kidz ~ omg! incestnyer!!!! omgomgomg!! talking about this i got the perfect next post to talk about liao! but aiyah.. i posted liao.. haha.. nevermind .. tomorrow tomorrow! hahahaha... thanks!!

    @CX ~ yer!!! mine so cute no need to show la! take picture then go home ok!!

    @c'est la vie ~ hahahahaha.. its my term for dick la.. dowana use dick cos very vulgar.. my trophy is my award winning possession like that! all mine!! ALL MINE muahahaha..

    @kidz ~ yer,,,, benci you! *piak*

    @zhenyu27 ~ its just illustration ma! hahahahaha.. erm erm.. lemme think.. ok ok.. i know.. cos i was on high on vitamins and when the concentration of vitamin esp C is exceptionally high, it will result in a very bright yellow colour urine! :) hehe.. hope this answers your question :)

  9. @Tulsie @C'est - dick is vulgar? then what are 'sohai' and 'cb' categorized under? =p

  10. its still the same! vulgar.. hahahahahahaha... i say cb with an accent! so its not very vulgar.. so hai i pronounce it as so high.. so its not vulgar too :) kihihi!!