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Friday, April 22, 2011

CORN-yness overload...

cos bubu and i are going to have a lil plan on couple's time this weekend out of a sudden and this conversation came up..

b, im so excited la about this weekend.. oh gosh.. its gonna be only the two of us.. I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOURE COOKING for DINNER! haha..

see.. i shouldnt have told you about it.. i dowana jinx it.. later i so excited then you so excited then if tak jadi how?

no such thing la.. dont worry la.. jadi tak jadi youre still my baby

*vomits* corny much...

wait till we have our own home then everyday is magic... *vomits*

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA... sorry la.. too much of vomiting and i find it so funny! hahahahaha

this post is damn syiock sendiri :)


  1. You go eat Cameron Jagung...

    Sweet and creamy...

  2. i cant believe ur email is full-bottom, and i am gonna chat with u !

  3. Enjoy your weekend ^^Y
    ChenXing arrr, kesian you, ur workload so heavy... shud find a place for vacation... no nid go far far, Sg is gud enuf - dun forget to bring the sweet and creamy cameron jagung there ya to my fren, the other kid. wakakakaka

  4. I go there also got nobody to bring me tour around. Jagung ? Why Jagung ? I have something "sweeter" than "creamier" with me.


  5. have a fun time together, enjoy~ XD

  6. too much corn...take 3 days to pass thru digestive track...

  7. CX, what sweeter and creamier thing are u talking about? :P

    and Tuls, that's a BIG corn cob you're putting in your mouth!
    Every time I see a long, rod like object... my mind just goes there haha :P

  8. @CX ~ ok.. i will.. *rolleyes*

    @ooi2009 ~ if you cant believe then dont believe ok! :) *hugs* see you around..

    @whizkid ~ i think so too.. hahahaha.. to stress edi must find another pulau to san har sam.. hahaha

    @mr. D ~ bubu used to like some other corn.. blek..

    @CX2 ~ yeeeeeeeeer!! this blog is 14.2SX ok.. hahahahaah

    @orange-wee ~ thankiu!! :)

    @deicidal ~ wah.. yao mou... good la..

    @j-boy ~ this blog is 14.5SX, cannot say naughty naughty words here ok!!

    hahahahaha.. you memang naughty la!! i like!! hahahaha.. i wanna recruit all the my type of siaoness people together and start a siao conference :) muahahahaha...