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Saturday, April 9, 2011

types of people you meet in the club!

Just a suggestion , i have this blog topic i would like to request u share. Can you talk abt the type of people you meet in a gay club. FYI , im a club virgin,  and many are, so give us ur best honest opinion and comment. Ciao.


i try my best la ok.. hahaha.. lalalala... i will write on Marketplace, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.. cos thats the frequent one i go to.. it doesnt represent the rest of the other clubs but.. yea.. hahahah... should be lebih kureng..

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1. The Socialites

you see them every week there, seriously! friday will be frangi is it? then saturday will be mp and la queen thingy, sunday maison.. everywhere you go, anyday.. they will be there! hahahaha.. and i have 2 of my friends thats categorized under that lor... people either love them or hate them.. those who knows them will love them cos can chit chat, social butterflying, those who dont know them will feel so muak of their face feels like slapping them asking them to go home! hahaahah..

2. The Dancers

there will be people go there solely to dance de lor(ME).. hahahahaha.. as long as they hear music they will move and shake their ass off irregardless who that is beside/infront/behind them! :)

3. The Strippers

got one.. they will hog the whole stage and strip once the clock struck 1.30am.. you can their chest bouncing off here and there.. and a few of them will me-molest each other.. then some will grind each other.. then their sweats will be all over and anyone beside them will get drench by it! hahahha...

4. The Drinkers

they go there to get drunk de lor.. seriously... you will see case of me-muntah-ing one.. 

5. The Predators

bubu and i saw the guy that approach us before thru our old buddy website profile thingy.. where this guy offers us rm5k for a 3 time sex shit! hehe.. yeah.. we saw him there alright.. you gay club despo virgin better becareful.. this people will do anything to get you if they have their eye on you.. they will buy you drink and make you happy, drug you drink and the next thing you know you are at his place or some hotel naked with no idea what just happend.. they might have HIV or some STDs.. gone la if kena!! 

6. The Druggies

they wanna get high and shit.. and yea.. seen guys having tremors sitting by the balcony once.. hahahaah.. scary shit i thought he was high wanna dance until my socialite friend says otherwise.. careful.. there are druggies everywhere..

7. The Lookers

some people go there just to look de lor.. cuci mata or whatever you call them.. there will be by a side or a corner, with or without a drink and just stare stare stare... sometimes annoying but they dont mean any harm geh...

8. The Opportunists

young/old desperate guys will be there on a lookout for potential fling, usually will be dressed in decent clothes and will avoid the dancefloor(cos very sweaty) to find for that other someone to go home for the night and if they are certain that they are hooked then only will he proceed to the dancefloor for some "feeling".. hahahaha.. to feel whatever they wanna feel on the other person..

9. The Grabbers

some people are there just to grab other people's dicks or what i like to call "talents"... they will usually be at the dancefloor and they will wait for the smokescreen to happen and they will grab whoever is around them.. he usually will be around the ones he thinks he likes and just wait for the smoke to be sprayed and then jeng jeng jeng!!

10. The PDA

there will be couples there kissing through the night! seriously de!! i mean is like to the extend of slapping them and ask them to fuck off! so annoying! hahahahahaaha.. ok la.. not like bubu and i tak buat la but its terlampau one cos they asyik menge-bibir their pasangan omgucci is like the lips are gonna be removed like that...

11. The Sesats

got one.. tibe tibe got one straight couple here one.. so sesat is like: are we in the correct club? are we bisexuals? hahahahaha... the guy will have to be careful cos if he is hot then gone la surely kena grab by the Grabbers and the Predators! hahahaha..

12. The Haggies

or we call them fag hags! fag hags are the backbone of the gay community, without them, we are nothing as quoted by Margaret Cho a faghag herself! hahahahaha.. its true!! they are usually fucking hot de! like wah... cannot tahan man.. if im a guy i would totally do them.. but oh well.. cant even get lil tulsie to come to play.. no hope la.. hahahaha... usually they will teman their fags and dance with them and grind and everthing.. hahaha...

13. The Groupies

they will always be together, they wont be separated one.. cannot de.. if they come in five they will be in fives all the way.. there will always be one group on the dance floor..

14. Celebrities

this one rare, but still got one ok.. cannot say name later they ban my blog saying that i kutuk them.. hahahaha.. but you know la.. erm.. one ex news anchor.. one cook lor.. one actor.. lalalalala...

15. The Virgins

that will be you guys... look up and down.. left and right.. dono what to do... buy a drink and just walk around... walk walk walk... look look look... cultural shock! club shock! hahahaah... siao la.. but its like going into a shopping mall like that.. you have everything there.. everyone! hahahahaha.. doing all sorts of stuffs... dahla shopping mall got marketplace.. you are at marketplace too! hahahaha... got different meats all over...


  1. Very informative indeed. hahahahaha, gay bar virgin like me..... If want to go, might as well go in group. Dunno wat happen if go alone. hahahahahaha, bravo for the post!!!!

  2. OMG, I am the the "fabulous" one..but it's not up there...

  3. if i ever go , i will be so shy coz pple there seem to be very vain and high standard.I will feel kinda malu there , as i might feel i dont have the looks

    FYI : its nice to see u respond to fan requests

  4. tuls, got indians ad malays also ah ? for me , i dunno whether got hot indians or not for me .But in gyms got la , but all straight.Got any hot indians or malays for me ah ?

  5. I.... have never been to a club. Not even a straight one.

    Just feels like a dangerous place, and I'm a "good" boy lol :P

  6. My first club was a gay club hahaha! my fag broke my clubbing virginity, brought me to marketplace and oblique, and i tried going to a straight club once (also brought by the same person) and i couldn't stand it LOL I also go to clubs to dance saja <3

  7. J-BOY , i also have that feeling , , i also feel the dangerous feeling .Maybe coz of the drugs things la , but thats why i stay away . Some times i wonder what happens inside a club

  8. Can I add another category? Scholars or what u wanna call it? I went there for case study once :-) I swear it was totally academic. Haha

  9. wuuu, i am the combination of virgin and groupie :D

  10. none of it cause i still prefer pub instead club. Maybe age catching up. haha

  11. i kenot go wan... kenot tahan smoke, noise, alcohol... only love the music, provided the DJ's cool, bonus if he's hot ;). forever virgin. heheh.
    sungguh memalukan mamalia hor?

  12. LOL @ savante's comment. I agree!

  13. Clubbing is a sien thing for me.. aha.. unless dipelawa by friends..... then i'll be the 7 & 13.. ahha...

  14. @whizkid ~ hehehehe... thankiu banyaks! :) and yes it would be more enjoyable if you were to go with a bunch of friends :)

    @alex ~ virgin still? hehehehehe.. yea! remember the blue and white building? hahahaha

    @chen xing ~ fabulous is adjective la! no such category! hahaha.. the next post punye fabulous you nak jadi tak? boleh! hahahahaha..

    @alberttoh1 ~ you think youre the only one who thinks that way? everyone think so too, but they just go anyway.. it depends on the purpose of going, if you just wanna have fun then fuck the rest! go there and have fun! why do you even care about them.. its not like they are gonna remember you anyway... and about the post, no sweat! my pleasure!! :)

    @alvin73 ~ there are!! why not! hot or not its kinda subjective no? you will have to decide yourself.. malays will be more than indians but they are still a few.. as in in marketplace la.. la queen's crowd a lil different i guess.. there should have more malays i guess, i mean, thats what i heard la.. :) thanks for dropping by! :)

    @j-good-boy ~ stay that way! i mean, if you dont enjoy drinking or dancing, dont waste your time there alright! youre not missing out on anything!! :)

    @cat ~ omgucci!!!! the CAT is in town! WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!! miss you much! thanks for dropping by you miowsy! hahahaha... straight clubs have got quite a number of gays too actually.. hehe.. zouk is oneofem! :)

    @zhenyu27 ~ its not THAT dangerous actually! as long as you go with a bunch of close friends, your own friends, then it will be fine.. no fights or whatsoever happened before so far! and usually the drinks will be covered by the bartender.. and just hold on to your drink and dont simply put it anywhere then can liao..

    @le chatelier ~ erm.. erm.. hahahaha... hahahahahahahahaha.. wtf! hahahahahaha.. ok.. inserted in my brain! hahahah.. but seriously you go there for some research survey thingy?

    @savante ~ i havent met you before wor.. you think leh? hahahahahaah...

    @sky ~ i love combos! hehe!

    @willk ~ omgucci dont la say until like youre damn old like that! hahahaah.. youre not ok!! i think! hahahaha..

    @deicidal ~ nola.. its normal.. i cannot tahan smoke and alcohol too! but i love music! oh well :) kihihi...

    @orange-wee ~ alright! :)

    @savoir ~ hahahahahaah... youre in the TALL category! hahahaha...

    @eric ~ that will make you a looking grouppie! hahahahaah...

    @hunter ~ thanks for dropping by and laughing your ass off ! :) hahaha...


  15. @le chatelier ~ ooooooo.. ok ok.. awesome? hahahaha..

    @ahpang20 ~ go with some friends alright!! :)

  16. omg tuls...nice write out LOL.. i enjoy reading your blog