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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

after so long...

thats the sign thats found in fitness first's shower/locker area...

after our awesome activities for years now only they put up the sign..

it means we are getting noticed.. hahahahaaha... so bodohla all the guilty ones!!

pandai pandai la!!

xiong dong nin, boon gong berleluasa in cali without getting noticed! :)

but i dont think it makes any difference lor.. unless they install CCTV!  

still remember i used to inspect my "surroundings" before action.. hahahah.

i will look up into the air vent.. the slits... the wall.. the walk way... hahahahaha... behind the clock, behind the papan notis.. hahahaha.. now to think of it so kelakar la.. hahaha..

oh well.. the good old adventurous times which i dont wanna go back to liao.. 
but at least i had my fair share of the experience..

you got caught before ma in the gym? doing

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  1. you better be careful la you, but guess you ain't having much chances since you are stuck with Busquare. So paranoid to put the sign. It's as if they eavesdrop or install needle-size cctv somewhere in the gym. lucky im not a fan of bath in gym

  2. the thing is i dont know how a person can do it in the gym , i guess it takes so much confidence about ur body for u to like doing it. I always feel that pple will not like my body la , they will not like the freckles la , the skin not nice on my back la , got pimples la , u know , with all this things , i guess some are confident to do it in there

  3. r u very handsome or adorable, therefore you can do something in the bathroom@@

  4. ROFL at the signs, so if they know wad can they do? = =

  5. Who cares of the notice if one wants to do.....if that's a wheel, that's a way...disclaimer: Bukan Saya!

  6. Funny when i saw the message on the Curve FF's male chaging room notice board. Wondering how many people got caught before by them. Do you think the notice will stop the guy from notti inside the shower room? I doubt it! lol!

  7. i don't think it's referring to the naughty things. there should be some other hidden meanings they just want to catch ur attention.

    i thought it was abt something like, ppl peeing in the shower cubicle. cuz i complained it stinks before. hahahahahaha

  8. That's cute. Never seen this. But could have been different meaning though.

    Which outlet? Hehe ... that means that one's happening.

  9. Don't kill me! I swear I won't squeeze all the shampoo in my own bottle and bring it home again!

  10. tuls , whats ur msn , i wanna chat with u !

  11. @le chatelier ~ yup! :)

    @tempus ~ i sudah tak pigi for 2 years dah.. haha... dont worry... im all bubus :)

    @ooi2009 ~ erm... you have to be confident with your own body alright! ugly or not is not a matter.. if you feel good, you will definitely exudes an awesome outlook.. hahaha.. maybe it only works for sluts.. hahahaah.. oh well.. my email is at the bottom right end of the long list beside.. send me an email alright :)

    @ahpang20 ~ hahahaah.. you can consider me as normal :) thankiu!

    @vincent ~ i rono.. dont think they can do anything.. hahahaha...

    @skyhawk ~ you jia jia! hahahahaha.. if there's a WHEEL? wow! hahahahahaahah.... im sure youre experienced!! :)

    @hotties ~ i doubt it too! hahahahaha... unless they put the security guard there! hahahah... it was so exhilarating last time when i was having fun with someone in the shower room then the attendant moping the floor passed by, everything froze for that few seconds!! wohooooooo!! hahahaha..

    @clayden L ~ hey, i never thought of that! ya!! you might be correct la!! hahahaah...

    @horny BF ~ hahahahahaha.. i got the image from a friend on FB, haha.. i dont go de.. so dono which outlet.. hahahahaah.. you take of simon ok! *hugs* he is my ancestor!! :)

    @deicidcal ~ oh my gucci!!! i like that thought!! hahahaahahahahah...