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t u l s

Sunday, April 10, 2011

types within types of people you meet in the club!

so yesterday i wrote a lil bout erm... the types of people you meet in the club.. ok la.. i might left out a few type la but seriously i cannot like think of sudah! hahahaha... 

this will be on types within types..

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1. Twink

young boys, slim, tall or short,  usually clean shaved or limited hair on his body! :)

2. Anorexic

skinny boys that dont eat and is as though they can be blown off or break when knocked by someone beside..

3. Bear

Guys that are very hairy everywhere.. face and body! hihi.. can be muscular or big.. they are still consider bears! grrrrrrr..


Big guys (obese or overweight) or  you can call them chubby guys too.. ahahaha.. may or may not be bears. if he is a bear then he is a chubby bear! hahahahaha.. cute kan!

5. Underage

seriously like what the fuck are you doing here, you look like your bulu has not fully grown out from your cibai..

6. Hunk

sexually appealing, well muscled, porn star(my kinda) body... grrr....

7. Fabulous

transexual or drag queen eg Fabulous Kumar/Shelah.. dont call them pondan ok.. so degrading.. call them fabulous!! :) 

what are you?
in between 2 of the categories? 


  1. Datuk-like... uncle-like.... hahahahahahaha.

  2. LOL I like how the underage guy is so short (prepubescent?) and wearing a cap.. like kindergarten kid XD

    isn't there like a bouncer or someone guarding the entrance??

  3. this is also the types of gays that we always meet izit?

  4. i like bears and hot daddies , and arent there normal looking guys too? , i mean like average la .And thanks for the very informative post

  5. i was 1, then i was 6, now i'm 4. :(

  6. I like daddies too , but nowadays many chinese bears extinct dee , mostly chubs dee :(

  7. nd i will be in category 8 (lengzai)-which u missed out btw..

  8. i am in the invisible category.

  9. I can't find my category too...

  10. @whizkid ~ no such category wor.. wait! youre so senior de meh? *curious*

    @j-boy ~ hahaha.. thankiu! there is bouncer de but they will check your id only if they suspect.. some shawty can enter because they look old or mature la.. hahaahaha...

    @ash ~ erm.. body types la i mean..

    @alvin73 ~ ini body type ma.. that are found in the categories earlier! hahaha.. no prob!

    @clayden ~ now 4? got or not wor.. what happen to your 6 figure?

    @zhenyu27 ~ what to do.. no market ma...

    @lionfever ~ ahahahahahah.. you are so cute justin!!

    @kidz ~ omgucci! ok ok.. go and have your own imaginary category ok! go gogo!! this one body type la deng!

    @mrD ~ oooooooooolala.. i like that! very Deep! ghahahahahahaha

    @skyhawk ~ erm.. ermm... whats your category? i think its a 6 and 7? hahahahahaahah

    @ahpang20 ~ hm.. body types wor.. are you in between any 2 of them?

  11. Fuh! Once again, I'm attracted to the last figure in your drawing. It's looks as fabulous as the name. Hahahaha!!!

  12. @talented ~ youre a 4? i have a few fabulous 4 friends!! :) they are hot!! :)

  13. hahahahaahah!! chilla ! just joking nia skysky! see.. now you know where you fit.. hehe.. number...s...i.... hahahahaha

  14. haha, i will try my best to become 6..haha, in my dreams perhaps :P

  15. dont just dream!! do it talented boy.. nothing is impossible! jia you! :)

  16. I guess I am just an ordinary twink bear.. I am pretty hairy everywhere though.. hehehe oooppsss

  17. wow!! i like that term! nola.. dont call yourself that! if youre bigger/muscular then just call yourself a bear.. for now, you are a HAIRY TWINK! :)