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t u l s

Monday, April 4, 2011

am i a baby?

youre such a baby...


a bit of pain also cannot tahan..

a bit of pain? you try and see la see pain or not!!

external wound ni ma *smiling*...

eeee.. benci you!!

hahaha.. my mum say: wah, lil bit of pain also cannot tahan, next time how to ngai(tahan) with you in the future arr?

eeee.. different one mar.. you try and see la...

ok lor.. i inflict injury on myself and see ok?

eeeeeee.. siao boy you.. benci benci..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

my leg is getting better semua..

i dont feel any pain if my leg is elevated..

i just cant stand stationary for more than 2 seconds..

throbbing pain at the wound man.. like the blood pipe can bocor anytime shooting out blood like water tap.. hahaha.. its just the feeling.. but yea..

now mandi before school have to wrap with plastic bag.. so kelakar..

got once i put my bandage on to go to school cos if dont put cant wear simplers.. after a whole freaking day in school, i came home and unwrap the bandage and damn the whole shit was stuck on my wound cos it dried up.. i tried wetting the bandage but its too hard edi so.....

yea.. i cant continue jor.. too pain to even think... hahahahahah


  1. hi baby. recover soon yeah. and i nv got that msg. :( lol

  2. Awww... kesiannya. No one sympathize with you ah? Don't worry, gor will sek sek you one. Hugsss.... hehehe...

  3. a kiss from someone might be the best pain killer.. haha

  4. Recover soon ya. Your feet drawing at first i tot i saw somethg else in my bloglist. hahahahahahahaha.

  5. Put a gauze, then wont stick :D!

  6. hug is all it takes....
    it start to recover liao...
    tahan the pain o...
    last time u also try before use plastic bag when bath...

  7. Wow... so many hugs already... hmm, i guess i will give u some pain-killers instead then.. *Panadol-Extra*

  8. i feel the pain....OUCH!!!!!!!1

  9. angugu,i sek sek la :)
    (oppps,I ter-commented here) lolz....

  10. sounds agonizing enough. *shudder*

  11. sorry for me being too direct...yes..you're a baby...external pain is nothing compared to internal pain:)

    may you get well soon*marshmallow hugs*

  12. compared to ur lover , ur kinda immature , just my 2 cents though

  13. thanks everyone for your hugs and painkillers.. hahaha.. painkillers wth.. its not working.. i took 2 panadol 500 and 1 ponstan 500 also no use... oh well.. just have to elevate the leg lor.. will try to get well soon.. another month and it should be fine i guess.. i need to cardio.. fatty bom bom already.. oh well..

    @CX ~ CHOI!!! im not on a wheelchair now la!! hahaha.. but i would loved to get pushed around!!

    @alberttoh1 ~ i am.. in my own way.. bubu is mature too but he has his own childish manja moments.. i guess when it comes to my own blog i wanna portray myself in a way i feel comfortable with.. this is my space anyhow.. :) *hug you albert*