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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sex On First Date, jadi?

in my recent post of [ first date thingy ], i got a comment that goes like this..

We will never get the second chance for the first impression. So most ppl try to impress their potential partner during the first date. I will be very open to him during my first date. I made love with him during our first date and we last till now.


and i found that another fellow blogger also experience the same kinda [ scene ]. Click the link in the bracket, i experienced before too.. hehe.. but that guy wasnt a date la.. hahaha..

I met with a guy from the internet, after few times of chatting, I decided to ask him for an ORGY in the mall's toilet. For 3 years we have been together, I'm here to announce, the he is my very first boyfriend, Tim.


people like Kidz, he has taboo of kissing on the first date, dah lah tak leh kiss, how to even have sex... hahaha.. jsut imagine you dint even get to build the atmosphere and just go for the finale... its so whorish.. so slutty.. like me.. dulu.. hahahaah...

people like Skyhawk and Jay on the other hand they survived their first date with sex and get to scored their partner as well and its now a few years long with the other partner...

i mean we always say that if we were to start off with another person with sex, the relationship will not last but now there are 2 living stories and maybe many more out there to prove that wrong..

i mean, for the single lad and ladies, do you think it can happen to you? do you think its possible for you because other people have done it? for the attached parties, whats your say? 

to Sky and Jay, im not condemning or what, i'm so happy for you guys and wish you all the best and this post is just a reenforcement to your relationships, not trying to cause any havoc whatsoever.. :)


  1. There are always exceptional cases here and there. If it started off with sex on the first date, does it mean that both parties are okay with casual sex? Will both parties stop practice this kinda "habit" if they are together? What's both parties definition towards "sex"? It is merely some entertainment? Or izit "holy"? Or it's both, different meanings for before and during relationship?

    At the moment, I am trying to be less engaged in this sort of activities.

  2. I never dated till recently. My first date was a sex date. I'm seeing him again soon. *cross my fingers*

  3. i wouldnt mind. though beau and mine was... totally old-school and traditional. hahahaha

  4. I guess if the date goes well and you like what you see, why not right? I would jump all over him like a wild cat, and do all sorts of things that have been building up in my head......

    Sorry I'm man hungry lately :P

  5. ditto to clayden. probably old school for me, and plus first date sexes are too extreme di. what to do, I come from typical cina family, eldest sons summore. Sex is something, BIG.

  6. ok, i admit i'm a conservative person once reading this post, haha, not meaning i dun accept, i can~

  7. wow, seems like having sex in the 1st date and still able to maintain the relationship for long time is kinda minority as well. XD

  8. no sex on first date for me, but just a personal preference though. i'm rather old school when it comes to these things =X

  9. Wat's wrong with not kissing! There are so many other things that can be done and that i didn't list as taboo!!! Like hold hands, like feed each other dessert, rub hair, look deeply into eyes, smile shyly, blowjob, watch movie, a walk in the park, pinch his face etc... (not that i will do it all but yea, they are not taboo list )

  10. almost all those things that kidz said i will not do on a first date(feed each other dessert , like yucks!more manly lah) . And first date is just to get to know a person. See the guys experience and all .What if u dont like the person, too fat lah , too old la , too young la , so probably after i know his background and see how he is brought up and his past story ,then only i will have sex with him ....eh why im so serious in this post ah!

    btw ,on bubu's post, clayden asked me to meet him for a drink at klcc, woohooo! i need to buff up more so in the future can actually see him .I know u might think im lying , but seriously he is the only blogger that i fetish , no kidding ,its something bout his mid eastern exoticism that i fetish .

  11. @Le Chatelier ~ you got a point there to think about :) definition of sex :) good for you!!

    @deicidal ~ interesting!! :) hahahaha.. update update ok if its official :)

    @Clayden L ~ its perfectly normal and sweet... :)

    @j-boy ~ can sense bottomness in that line! hahahaha...

    @tempus ~ alright o school! save it for that special one :)

    @orange-wee ~ hehe.. open up for experiment hor :) hahaha..

    @jay ~ maybe its not.. just that people that i know doesnt.. hahahaa.. maybe it is la.. hahahah.. *hugs*

    @ryan ~ its perfectly understandable :)

    @kidz ~ wah.... sai ng sai!! i say about the kissing thing nia you throw a whole long karangan that can be used as my next poll jor!

    @ooi2009 ~ thanks for being so serious in this post! and thanks for being that funky energetic sometimes annoying you in the other post! when you were not around for that short period of time i actually miss you a lil :) haha..

    and please buff up more ok cos i know clayden's taste! see beau also know edi.. :) ciao! see ya!

  12. hmm... well i dono... it maybe a litte tricky, i mean manly guys probably wud just go for girls.. or at most interested in the hole only?

  13. Memang pun.
    Haha I can only be tamed by a hard rod.


    OMG can't believe i just said that. I'm back to being sexy, naughty & bitchy this week! :P

  14. Hmmm..somehow I believe that relationship will be formed, after the session in bed.