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Saturday, April 2, 2011

i had sex with my ...... before


had this poll thingy last month and wow..

most of you had sex with your best friend before!?
wow.. like one third leh..

its so incest to do it with your best friend cos its like doing it with your brother.. yes some of you may develop feelings over the years and if it turns out good then ok la.. but.. i really cannot tahan lor.. my best friend and i are so close to the extent like brothers where there wont be sexual intentions between us lor.. 

colleagues stand at number 2 with 28 percent.. you guys hook up in the office, have sex then quit the job and move on is it? as in if tak jadi? hahahaha...

then comes friend's boyfriend and bf's best friend..

if i was a slut i would totally do it too lor, if the third party is f-king hot la.. but so far i belum la! hahahaah... wah.. friend's bf zong dak liu one, your friend found out then gone case la both of you!! boyfriend's best friend also same thingy! oh my gucci! this is so awesome to discover! hahhaa...

i love you guys! there is another poll out sudah! just click yes or no! by the top right! go click it alright?!! hahaha... 

p.s. poll result might not be true and it does not represent the gay population in malaysia, terima kasih


  1. :) I didn't took part in this poll. But totally against having sex with your friend's bf or your bf's friend.

  2. i had lots of experience with many types of guys with different races and even with straight guys...they are delicious..hehe:D

    but having sex with your friend's bf and bf's best friend is SOOO DESPICABLE to me...it's like doing with your bro/sis in law

  3. family member is a definite no no.

    but others are still ok, for fun i mean.

  4. Haha never had any before, but fantasy with the friends happened before, but probably the not so close one because touch-n-go. If like best friend jip sou mm dou lor..

  5. i had it with my lecturer before...:P
    Having it with boss or someone higher position sound exciting although i never tried before.

  6. i mean the latest one about size...

  7. your poll result so far is such a disappointment!

  8. I never had sex before..hahahha =P

  9. oh tuls , i cant stay aNgry at u ,ur other bloggers can be arseholes, but ur just too nice , HUG me

  10. @whizkid ~ what if true love happens between the two of you? hor!!!

    @ash ~ you think so too huh.. hahah.. but its interesting dont you think so? hahaha.. risky..!!

    @Mr. D ~ hahahaha.. like what kumar say, we indians have so many cousin brother cousin sisters, sometimes we end up doing with our own relatives! how incest is that! hahahaha.. she makes me laugh to the max! hahahaha..

    @tempus ~ then dont jip sou!! :) just do it! hahaha.. close your eyes.. give me your hands darling... then DO! hahahaha..

    @Darren ~ wah.. first time having you here! thank you! its an honour!! :) and youre so kinky!! lecturer? wow! thats so awesome!! i would wanna try it one day! hahaha.. shhhhhh!! the dean maybe for you after this? ahahahaah.. i will keep it a secret! throw some smokebomb and cover skyhawk's vision! hahahaha..

    @clayden ~ hm.. the votes are increasing.. hehe.. we'll see how la.. still long time to go!!

    @ooi2009 ~ mostly all gay bloggers are awesome ok!! eeeee.. :)


  11. tuls, you said "mostly all gay bloggers are awesome ok!! eeeee.. :)" - you referring to yourself? ... and oh, if i were to judge you from your posts, i agree! :-)

  12. hahahaha.. thanks peace :) youre too kind :) *bow down to teacher* lao shi wan an!! :)