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Friday, April 8, 2011

thug of war..

i was 18 then.. just started my lil relationship with my ex.. everything was lovey dovey and all.. as usual he is living with his family and i was too so we couldnt do much at home so i drove him out to a secluded area near his house, some industrial area in PJ..

you know the drill, the normal making out session thinking that no one knows kinda thing but then suddenly we heard like few ramming motorcycles horde towards us... wah... my heart skipped a beat..

and soon enough our car was surrounded by thugs.. i cant really remember their faces anymore but it was freaking scary...

i remember our seats were declined and we acted like we're sleeping trying to just avoid the attention and hope that they just leave us alone... but NO..

they kept ramming their bikes is as though they are trying to finish up their fuel kinda shit.. omgosh we were so scared(no pissing pants la)...

they knocked the car window and shouted: bangun la bangun in the roughest deepest voice ever... some while giggling off.. the knocking was so intimidating as both of us dint know what to do we just stay put..

i thought that my life is gonna end already..

jangan pura nak tidor la came after that... oh my gosh....

can someone kill me now...

what will you do if you are in my position?

they left after that... but it was one of the scariest moments in my life..


  1. WHOA! tahts reaally shitty .You should have gone to another place rather than do it in the car .

    Just a suggestion , i have this blog topic i would like to request u share.Can you talk abt the type of pple you meet in a gay club .FYI , im a club virgin , and many are , so give us ur best honest opinion and comment .Ciao

  2. For me, will just drive away. If there are no way to escape, make a phone call. :)

  3. OMG that is so freaking scary!!!

    so u guys didn't wake up at all?? that's quite a good strategy..

    luckily they didn't break the windows!

  4. i think i will use handphone!!!!

  5. u still pura pura tidur until they left? lol...

  6. You should just drive out from that place and if possible go to the nearest police station. Anyway, why did they disturb you? Perhaps they saw what you guys did in the car and wanted to join in the fun? Hahahaha!!!

  7. sampah masyarakat.. speed off from them.. knock them down pun sorry la.... self-defense..

  8. They left after u pretended to sleep?...good luck man...most of them will smash your windows and rob....scary experience.

  9. Don't reason with unreasonable people lah. Yeah, just drive away lah. Keep calmed! Oh brother! My college guard once saw me making out with my fling and I told him that the person was a guy. Hol yeah! Haha!

  10. drift away and then drive to the nearest police station~ ^^

  11. lol.. dont have sex in the car.

  12. Hang on, what position you are referring to ?

    If it's 69 ? I can't be pretending to fall asleep.

    Anyway, just check-in at cheap motel will do. At least cleaner, comfortable and safe.


  13. *clones alberttoh1's post* I second the motion.

    wah. so exciting... so they just gave up and left?

  14. yeah drive away lah. at most bang them down but serves them right :)

  15. Next time just get a bandage and wrap ur leg up.. it doesnt hav to be a real wound right? =p

  16. Just drive away from them,if you knock them also is ok:D

  17. @alberttoh ~ no other place already la.. hahaha.. we are young and desperate then! hahaha.. and about your request.. hehe..

    @whizkid ~ the car engine was off.. and i was so young then.. cant think properly.. stun sudah! hahahaha..

    @jboy ~ luckily they dint la! if they did i dont know what will happen man.. cannot imagine! shit man!!

    @ahpang20 ~ thanks for dropping by :) i was so shocked i cant think properly then! hahahaha...

    @alex ~ we .. not only me.. hahahaha.. damn kebodohan! hahahahaha...

    @savante ~ im glad too.. stupid but a good experience i guess.. note to self never do it in a secluded area! hahaahah..

    @calvin ~ join in the fun? siao la you! hahahaha... i feel like dying then!! gosh!! my engine was down and i was so takut i just froze!!

    @naughtyprince ~ indeed...

    @~eric ~ i was blur then.. cannot do anything jor.. my engine was off.. i was so takuts and shocked i froze! hahahaha... but yea.. what an experience man!!

    @skyhawk ~ *cry* dowan rob!! hahahahaha.. eeeeee.. dowana think of it le.. ish! hahahaha

    @le chatelier ~ wow! good for you! hahahah.. my engine was off and i was too afraid to do anythinG! hahahaha..

    @orange-Wee ~ cannot.. wo off engine liao.. zou bu diao! :(

    @takashi ~ noted noted!!

    @CX ~ hahahahaha.. shhh.. cannot disclose! hahaha.. but no la.. we are so young then no duit semua.. so yalor.. hahahaha.. cant even entitle to register for motel ok! hahahha..

    @deicidal ~ i wrote about that already! erm.. they dint give up la.. they just left... but.. yea.. takuts... not exciting leh.. its scary leh.. hahaha..

    @LMO ~ i wish but i got no balls then and my engine was off! oh well.. its over! dont think! hahahah..

    @kidz ~ wtf!!!!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    @ash ~ i will de! next time la! haha