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t u l s

Sunday, April 17, 2011

15 hours...

the night before i was harassed by blood suckers that woke me up from bed after 2 hours of sleep... my body was on fire after that... so i onlined a while... and lil did i know it was morning already...i had a lil breakfast... and try sleeping at noon but my tummy was not feeling well, i cant sleep but the weather is fucking nice yesterday... its like the best weather ever to sleep m***** f*****! geramnyer..

usually i will teman bubu study at night but last night i couldnt tahan anymore, i feel like dying anytime so i went to bed at 1 after kissing goodnight over the phone..

boomz me... i woke up at 4pm!! :)

bloody 15 hours and now i feel like GOD.. no im not saying im god.. im a JING GOD !! in kantonese its call JING SAN! :)


whats was the longerst period of time you slept in a go?


  1. erm 4 hours? tat is longest time period I slept for tis past 6 years. I knew someone who once slept for 21 hours....

  2. that also cant tan , how are u gonna give ple medicine in the future !€

  3. u sleep for 15 hours?!!! cheesin lor!!!

  4. Whizkid@ Oh lord! 4hrs of sleep?! U should treat yrself better man!

  5. Fuyoh~ so syok to sleep for long hours. enjoy it la... XD

  6. Hahahaha..are you creating a Ridsect/Fumakilla ad ?

    The longest period would be 13 hours.

  7. I think mine was 12 hours.
    Can't sleep that long, coz the body will automatically switch on LOL :P

  8. 10 hours i think....then like what someone said, body will automatically switch on, haha

  9. @whizkid ~ wow.. 21 hours is like manbernating! hahaha... and you... 4 hours is not appropriate for your age.. but if youre ok with it then its alright i guess :) haha...

    @ooi2009 ~ trying to pry what course im studying? hahahaha... funny la you...

    @PFJ ~ abit chisin la but i was freaking tired.. cannot tahan.. i feel so refreshed after that! :)

    @Le Chatelier ~ as long as he is healthy.. why not? he has more hours to work on his whatever other stuffs he needs.. haha.. doesnt that what everyone wants?

    @Jay ~ yup.. enjoyed :)

    @alex ~ are you a bear? :)

    @CX ~ coolness! and its not ridsect, its ridsex!!

    @j-boy ~ my body got no switch.. hahahaha.. but yea.. this is exceptionally different la..

    @orange-wee ~ alright :)