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Saturday, April 16, 2011

evolution of communication in a relationship..

we started off msn-ing each other after getting each other's contact...

sooner than we know we exchange numbers and started to sms..

sms was like the in thing then.. we sms each other like money wasnt an issue and time wasnt a limiting factor..

a few months down the road, we sort to calls cos sometimes we need the assurance of the tone of the voice  to reconfirm the real agenda of the message..

later did we know that its not enough and instead we will meet and meeting is so crucial and when we dont, all the above types of contacts cant even replace the attention lacked.. and we will fall into withdrawal mode.. haha..

but because msn-ing and sms(especially) is not as often used as we used to, a short sweet message received sometimes is enough to make you smile the whole day :)

did that happen to you?


  1. <> part of the lyric~

  2. nearing the anniversary? so many mushy posts. haha

  3. Wow, you master the Native-Indians smoke-communication skill as well as the pigeon messenger thingy.


  4. The last evolution pic of the yellow haired guy looks so bian tai LoL!

  5. Over. Too bad I never got into a relationship so no experience before. XD but a rare sms from the crush will do the date.

  6. (Cantonese)Lei kar chen hai dou lor geng deng cheng heng ah?

    I don't have bf so how to answer your question "a short sweet message received sometimes is enough to make you smile the whole day.Did that happen to you?" Hahahaha!!! I'll answer you when I have one, ok?

  7. hey , how come i cant stand soft guys , i mean im fine with normal gay guys that act like men , but the sissy ones i cant stand and have to avoid being associated with them , does it often happen to gays , i am fine i 2 normal macho guys having sex , but when a softie behaves flamboyantly , i move away. does it always happen to u , i mean do u see pple doing that ?

  8. rebecca black lalala , bimbo tuls

  9. ooooo now i realized it....hahaha

  10. CX, i kinda see it differently.. like started with gon cai liet for (干柴烈火) where u see birds, then satisfied with it and started msn, sms, and calls and so on.. more tulsy-ish =p

  11. @whizkid ~ thanks.. i dono how to read! hahahahaha...

    @D ~ nola.. anniversary over liao :) its on the 3rd of January! :) no particular reason! :)

    @CX ~ of course! i master a lot of techniques! :) kihihi... indian one big ma.. pee also must step one step back, hit against the wall! hahahahahaha.. i love kumar!! muacks him!!

    @alex ~ thats me.. im bian tai mar ! now only know?!! hahahahahahaha.. kihihi...

    @tempus ~ dont worry. your time will come and then you will know :)

    @calvin ~ cekeleke dong dong chiang? hahahaha.. my cantonese tak power la sayang.. i like la!! you chui meh!! and ok.. you tell me when you have one.. see you go skip any steps or not..

    @zhenyu27 ~ i shall reply this on monday alright? its normal thinking stereotyping, perfectly normal. but.. its not fair for you to think that way.. haha..

    @ooi2009 ~ funfunfunfunfun!!

    @peace ~ :) *hugs*

    @ash godiva ~ hey, your eats gone already? hahahahaha....

    @kidz ~ omgosh wtf!! hahahahahaha.. slap your ass! hahahahahaha.... good la.. my picture stimulate your brain! hahahaha...

  12. @kidz: I don't know how to read Chinese. Perhaps you should translate for me the meaning...


  13. CX, a online translation goes

    1.(like) a blazing fire and dry wood; caught in a passion (sex)


  14. *clear throat*
    *call out to whizkid*

    tuls: whizkid... see!! i told you edi got the isi tersirat one.. what blazing fire dry wood shit.. in the end also sex.. haih.. youngsters these days..

    hey.. you two.. this comment area is 30sx ok.. please arr!!

  15. By ur (blog) standard, 18sx means-> already not virgin, tried pretty much all positions and styles..

    so what else cant u do before 30 leh???

  16. means this comment area is of out boundaries as hunting ground or flirting ground or breeding ground!!! *angry*

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. just kidding.. hahahah.. fuck your brains out you guys!! wohoo... im in love with Jamie Foxx's Fly Love in Rio.. so romantic.. im so in love...

  17. Lol..

    @tuls: Both our age (me and kidz), exceeds 30 if were to be added up.

    @kidz: Indeed, a deep meaning.

  18. "fuck your brains out you guys"..

    Tsk tsk tsk...tuls always thinking about sex only.