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Thursday, April 7, 2011

bubu is bigger than yours!

scene: in bubu's house...

Bubu's youngest bro: Vin
Bubu's second bro: Cent

so one night after dinner we were all sitting watching tv in the hall when Vin started to scratch his dick.. bubu's mum saw and...

Vin, why are you scratching your *toooot* ?

itchy la...

come lemme see...

he was kinda shy cos maybe i was there but he let his mum see anyway..

Cent saw and commented.. why so shy? not like you got anything to show also...

then vin said this.. why is your dick so small? i saw bubu gorgor's one that day, his one is bigger than yours..


i love my boyfriend's family.. so sporting and all.. hahaha..  hm.. how i wish i have family like his too.. accepting him and all.. i mean its very difficult for a mum to accept his child being what he is now and to think that bubu's mum is actually quite traditional as in she holds on to her traditional values alot but yea... oh well :) hahaha.. im just happy im apart of the family now.. :)

thankiu kidz! i nearly forgotten this scene! hahahahaa..


  1. Hahahahahahahaha, how old are the two brothers???

  2. so cute lah. hahahah itchy pula

  3. seriously a sporting and open family!

    and Vin must be quite young to be showing his *ahem* to his mum.. :P

    Also based on the drawing, the dad looks fit and muscular haha!

  4. OMG! I burst out laughing and laughed non stop. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  5. Someone mentioned "Hot Daddy" ???



  6. FYI , is the dad really hot , coz i love sex-horny older men , yummy

  7. i can guess they are probably in their early 10s, LOL

  8. @whizkid ~ hahahaha... 10 and 16..

    @D ~ yes...

    @lionfever ~ hahahahaa.. yalor...

    @jboy ~ vin is only 10 :) hahahaah.. and the dad is smoking hot! hahahahaha... hopefully like father like son in the future la! hahaha..

    @calvin ~ hahahahahahahaaha.. funfunfunfunfun!!

    @naughty prince ~ yalor :)

    @CX ~ yes!! very hot indeed! hahahaha... like pssssssssssst hot! hahaha..

    @zhenyu27 ~ er... yes he is.. but.. thats not for you! hahaha.. its mine!! hahahahah

    @orange-wee ~ yup you are correcto!! :)

  9. @alberttoh1 ~ er... we have no blood relation.. how incest could that be? and even if we did.. its not like we are gonna produce babbies and stuffs right.. hahahaha... just stating the fact that the dad is hot! thats all :) hahahaha

  10. lol , jk , i find it no prob fantasizing abt an older man

  11. you want arr CX?!! hahahaha.. i know another hot daddy around for you! hahaha...

    albert, hahahaha... i will do what i can for that topic you ask for alright!

  12. In no way was the hot daddy mentioned in your post but he's the main subject in your comments... lol. Now I can't stop thinking about him.

  13. hahaha.. i blogged about him before.. hahaha.. but yea.. cannot deny.. daddy is hots :)

  14. first time reading ur blog, it feels wrong and yet, funy

  15. @hunter ~ thanks a bunch ei! :)

  16. tuls, just wanna say i just found your blog and spent about 2 hrs reading your entries. you are hilarious! glad to a see a fellow malaysian reppin it so well in the blogosphere. XOXO

  17. @ABL ~ thanks so much :) haha.. as in wow.. i used to have more entries.. recently deleted some of it cos of some conspiracy thingy.. oh well.. you have fun there whereever you are.. looks like youre nomadic! :) haha