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Friday, April 15, 2011

i survive my First Date :)

was talking to bubu on our first date and realized something.. i did a few taboos that first daters shouldnt do.. haha. but yea.. hey, here we are still together after 1 year and 4 months :)

hahaha... bubu wrote an entry about it before but left out the silly details :)

we were having a chat in McD, me over ice cream and him just a cup of coke, after me finishing my ice cream i just took his drink and slurp up! hahahaah.. i dont think he drank it after that at all.. hahahahaha...

ok, to me, i totally forgotten about the whole thing and usually we students we buy one large drink and a few of us will just share that drink and then refill refill refill.. hahahaha.. lil did i know i did that to someone i just met and have no idea whether he has herpes(choi) or shit... but 50% of malaysian have herpes anyway.. so.. small matter.. anyway.. SO, A BIG NO NO number 1 !! hahahahaha...

second thing is i think i burped when we talk.. hahahahaha... thats just plain rude.. hahahaha.. i mean, its ok if you  were to do it at home or something or maybe just go away and do it but yea.. not in front of a date.. hahahahahaah... NONO number 2 !!

third thing i was very nervous and fidgety .. it makes the other  party very uneasy because he doesnt know youre fidgety and nervous because of the first date or is there something wrong with him or something.. hahaha.. Stay Calm la brother!! ahahahahaha... NONO number 3 !!

fourth thing i told him that im going abroad to further my studies.. usually people who wanna start a relationship doesnt want a bf who is leaving them.. haahah.. so im a NONO myself! hahahaha...

you guys have anymore NONOs to add on a first date? (whether you yourself did/did not do before)


  1. If I'm looking for a serious relationship, then I guess first dates for me would exclude physical contact. Other than a simple hug maybe.

    A big no-no would be the person playing with his phone! [texting, grindr, whatever]

    Can't think of any others right now. But I'm sure I have a LONG list. Hahaha xD

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So cute!!! HAHAHAHA, luckily u two berjaya disatukan! hhahahahahahahahahaahaha especially the first NoNo.

  3. walau damn siao whey! but seriosly, first date? I don't think I will ever have like THE first date with my future mate lor.. cause definitely evolve from friends then only mates one mar.. the burping part.. really siao.

  4. LOL will def keep these tips in mind!

  5. Looks like this post is inspired after you read my 'What's Your Ideal Date?' post wor. Hehehe... curi idea hor! Piak!

  6. have u asked ur bf about the first date@@
    but i think this is very realistic and interesting story.

  7. i farted on my date , i said hi and when he opened his mouth , i farted the loudest fart , directly on his face.He left me abruptly

  8. Hhuhuhu..never been on a date before.


  9. For me a kiss is a taboo for FIRST date(so go home, next day meet again is considered 2nd)..

    and like if there is kissing (normally requested by the other guy.. *blush*) it just wont work out eventually.. eventhough once a guy says so we dun kiss during 2nd date, it cancels off ( he was trying to make up for doing it without permission and ended up was a taboo i told him)...but erm.. seems like it doesnt work that way.. though it sounded cute.. haa.. =p

  10. We will never get the second chance for the first impression. So most ppl try to impress their potential partner during the first date. I will be very open to him during my first date. I made love with him during our first date and we last till now.

  11. Haha my sis and I used to keep a list of places/things not to eat on a first date. Basically stuff that's messy and make u look sloppy...

    It includes:
    1. spaghetti bolognese
    2. McDonalds apple pie (coz the apple sauce is super leaky)
    3. Lam Mee (esp if u hav poor chopsticks skill.. the gravy will splash everywhere)

    Ohhh.. and don't wear white shirt rite.. coz if u dirty it, it becomes so obvious hahahaha!!

  12. @A ~ the phone must be there just incase for an emergency.. not emergency as in anything happen to anyone or what.. is for you to get out of the date just in case if the date is sucky, ask your friend to call you back.. hahahahaha..

    @whizkid ~ kan? i thought so too.. hehe..

    @tempus ~ burping is my specialty ma.. hahahaha... evolve from friends.. hm.. this one doable but dont you think dating your friend is weird in a way?

    @ryan ~ hahahhaahaha...

    @calvin ~ blek !! suka hati i la!! haahhahaha..

    @ahpang20 ~ yea i did.. he also wonder why is he still with me.. hahahaha... that stupid boy..

    @ooi2009 ~ thats cool man! great job!!

    @CX ~ yes Mr Virgin!!

    @kidz ~ hamsup kidz!! shall see whether its real or not! kihihihi... hahahahaha..

    @skyhawk ~ all i can say is wow..

    @j-boy ~ very true jboy!!

  13. if its like the everything we talk friend-friend then of course weird la, but if its like the person you first look and you know its him, then of course start of with friends first then wouldn't be so awkward lor.. imagine you got together,not till a week and kaputt, later on friends also kenot become, then seriously a waste lo.

  14. tuls.. I am going to go out for a date with a guy in 2 weeks time.. we have been sms-ing and videoskyping each other now.. nothing has gone official between us but the chemistry is there.. Honestly I am nervous about this.. If things are going well.. this will be my first time getting into a relationship.. he's much younger than I am but he is the wiser one when it comes to relationship stuff coz he has been into a few in the past.. and I am the mature thinker when it comes to other things..

  15. @tempus ~ hahaahha.. ok ok.. hahaha.. yeah.. there is another saying about your best friend being your boyfriend thing.. if that could happen of course its an extra bonus i guess..

    @byronmc ~ good.. :) its good that he is good in this relationship thing and youre good at some other stuffs.. if two of you are good and experience in this relationship thing, then you guys will have different opinion on how things should go, then they might be some clashes of thoughts.. but now in this case, you guys are both good at different aspects, so in other ways you can learn what you need to about your short ends with the other person which is a good learning process and that you can grow as a couple together.. erm.. dono that make sense or not.. hahaha.. im also still young(wtf).. hahahaha.. hope that your first relationship goes well :) and youre mature enough.. you should know what to do!! :)