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Thursday, April 21, 2011

the awakening...

my wound.. the clot or whatever you call that - the piece of black thing that covers your wound? cos my wound is fucking deep that piece of crap is 1-2mm thick and its starting mengebuka mulut like mulut buaya like that..

when i sleep i have to bandage it up scare that it will rub against my bed and hurt my wound la..

and guess what...

that just happened..

it was a sharp tear and one piece came up and the scene should be something like a gorilla that goes for a bikini wax or shit.. one tear and i jumped up!!

the other two was hanging half way...

i think i twist and turned too much till the bandage fall off...

it was so intense for the first 2 mins..

the other two half hanging shit have to go and so i wet it... hehe... slowly trying to detach it from the wound and tada..!!

all four piece of clot thingy are gone!!

3 of the wound fully healed, one still not quite done yet.. stupid awakening..

now its like 4 piece of pink coloured chewing gum stuck on my leg with one colouring added!

but with that four thick slab gone, i can wear shoes already! yay!! hahahah..


  1. i can't even think or imagine the pain....it makes me cringe >.<

    just wear thongs lah...berangin! ;p

  2. Aww Tuls... All the best and get well soon :)

  3. Well, it is still an excuse for yr PDA. Haha. Btw, it's called "scab"

  4. luckily it's not "tattoo" on your handsome face... else... can't imagine!

  5. disgusting. tsk tsk...

  6. The "pinkish" thing will go away eventually.

  7. babi , i add u but still dowan to add me, bitch la .u add me on ooi2009@live.com.my

  8. Oh ya, look like the day when you can start dancing again will arrive soon!!

  9. @afif ~ hahahaha.. what the hell thongs?

    @skyhawk ~ im fine.. just that the kaki bertambah canthiks! hahaha.. thanks!

    @lucas ~ miss you! dah lama tak nampak you dah! :) thanks!

    @Le chatelier ~ hahahaah... thanks! :) wtf!! hahahaha... PDA?

    @hotties ~ what do you mean? HAHAHAHA.. if its on face also canthik one ok!! :) i will make sure it becomes nice la somehow! hahaha..

    @clayden ~ i know.. some tattoo kinda shit..

    @CX ~ i hope...

    @naughty prince ~ uh huh..

    @ooi2009 ~ fucker i add you first la!! dint even saw you online whole noon i off it during evening cos i was studying la brother! :)

    @whizkid ~ omgosh~~ whizkid!! ni zhe me liao jie wo!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  10. should take the pics of the pieces ma.. hahaha.. btw horh, your toe nail in the drawing quite menakutkan ler.. like geong c nail.. >,<

  11. The black black thing is called:

    slab - block consisting of thick piece of something.

    stab - a sudden sharp feeling.

    scab - The crustlike surface of a healing skin lesion.

    OMG I hate English! Check three times baru found the word.

  12. @eric ~ eeeeeeeeeee.. yucks! hahahaah... im geong C lor.. until now still awake.. hahaha.. im happy for tomorrow :)

    @delusion ~ thankiu teacher! im a bimbo! dono all these de! thanks for your pointers! i will ingat in hati! :)

  13. happy for tmr? for what? can hide your geong c leg under ur shoes dy?? XD
    going to oi oi ge la... haha

  14. ur lovey bubu will cure ur injured during tis weekend bah

  15. @eric ~ hahahaha... good night eric!! *hugs* that one can gua but i wont be doing so until it fully recovers..

    @kee CP ~ thanks for dropping by *hugs* he still has his finals, mon and tues.. haha.. see la how..