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Monday, April 18, 2011

feminine gays..

hey , how come i cant stand soft guys , i mean im fine with normal gay guys that act like men , but the sissy ones i cant stand and have to avoid being associated with them , does it often happen to gays , i am fine i 2 normal macho guys having sex , but when a softie behaves flamboyantly , i move away. does it always happen to u , i mean do u see pple doing that ? 

the below reply is a general reply to the topic and not just to zhenyu27 alone
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all the above in bold and underline touches the side of feminine..

whats your definition or gay?

whats your definition of a sissy?

what does feminine mean to you?

ask yourself :)

its a rather direct question..

now after answering all those... tell me,

how do you define normal?

to some of you normal means gay, means all the other straight people are weird.. vice versa..

to the straight people, or to the society, we are still the "special" group, the abnormal one, the weird ones... the minority group..

and being feminine/sissy in a minority group is like the minority in a minority...

in the end they are still gay..

they are no different than any other gays out there..

if youre gay, the straights will still see you as an eyesore no matter if youre macho or sissy, if youre gay, you are wrong..

me, i used to hate sissies.. i was like.. cant they act more manlier?  but after making friends with them when i was working in parkson(olden days), they are actually a nice bunch of people, they are born that way.. we will just need to understand and accept them the way they are..

what if a straight person comes to you: why are you so gay? cant you act more straight? 

will you feel insulted? likewise.. you can be how open but deep inside there will definitely be some uneasiness within..

its the same when you talk about them..

if you see a bunch of sissy gays being bullied by some normal folks, do you say: oh padan muka those sissy guys? do you? anyhow they are still gay, and we are all the same.. we cant run away from being gay..

the natural thing to do is to stand up and fight back, if i was there, i will.. and if you guys out there.. who cant stand sissy gays, its your own opinion, its your judgement, no one can say anything about it..

if thats the case, you lack of understanding, you lack of qualities of acceptance, your mind is still close up..

in a relationship, there is always adaptation, tolerance and sacrifices to make..

in a society too, you need to adapt with the view of the society, tolerate one another and the sacrifices you need to make in order to do both..

to all feminine gay guys out there, 
tuls love ya!! :)


  1. The guy in the picture looks like he's dancing to the nursery rhyme "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..." Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    Yes, irregardless of one's disposition, we are just a tiny creature in this vast universe.

  2. During my 4 years of degree years, my first 3 years landed me to be roomies with effeminate ppl. I think I will post about them.
    To gays and straight ppl, they are an eyesore.... but to me, they suffer the most.... I am okay with these effeminate ppl.

  3. I used to be afraid of them, but as what u said, after getting to know them, they are in fact nice ppl :D

  4. Fair statement, 1Gay, 1PLU and 1Family...I love you TULS!

  5. of all the post you have written, this would be the one that really makes me ever be so proud of you being my bf... =)

    Muaks you baby...

  6. I think sissy or feminine gays are easy targets of society because of how obvious their sexuality is.

    Whereas for straight acting gays, they receive less scrutiny because ppl don't know they are actually gay.. Or they may suspect, but can't be sure.

  7. you go girl, awesome post *snaps finger*

  8. I have sissy straight friends.... or... I think they're straight.
    sorimy gaydar is veli memalukan mamalia de. :P

  9. haiyoooooo,(IN UR LAST POST) i was trying to korek YOUR course AT UNI but you caught me lah!!!!!

  10. *pats tuls*
    wa..... XD good one

  11. I really have to give an honest comment on some things you said :

    You said : "if youre gay, the straights will still see you as an eyesore no matter if youre macho or sissy"

    1)Actually I have to say something here , you are not 100% right . I have a guy friend that is a macho guy but likes GUYS . He is the normal hard guy that likes GUY STUFF and acts manly.Some people know he is gay but they treat him like any normal guy coz they can accept him as a fellow guy .They are less threatened with him compared to a softy guy .Majority of people I have met said they dont care so much if a guy acts like a guy , but is gay . The main criteria that will make guys avoid a guy is if he behaves like a girl , ala sissy .

    2)I have to admit , (i dont want to be labeled a hypocrite) , I CANT ASSOCIATE MYSELF WITH SISSY GUYS. I find it quite embarrassed to be seen in public with sissy's . I remember a case when i was in pre-u and i met a soft malay guy in class .We were normal friends but we parted ways as he changed class .One day , as I was having lunch with my family in the uni cafe , he and his sissy friends burst into the cafe with their high pitched voice and soft shenanigans , everyone in the cafe squirmed at how they behaved .I remember i tried to hide my face behind a menu booklet , afraid the guy might come to my place and meet me .I could see the the entire cafe sniggering at their antiques . The scenario above describes how most non-gay people will react with sissy's .I know its cruel but unfortunately its the reality .

    3)I would like to stress to you that i am not writing this as a hate comment or anything offensive , but just my opinion .Of course i may be wrong , but I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and observation.

    4)Another thing I have to say that i am bisexual / or undecided .I can have urges to have sex with a guy , but I cant bring myself to be lovey dovey or marry a guy . Maybe bisexuals tend to be more critical with sissy's as we still like girls too .

    5)And if some people are going to say that most gays like or support soft gays , ur dead wrong . A gay guy told me his gay macho friend almost punched a sissy for flirting with him and touching him in a gay club .Of course i dont know how or what happens within a gay club as I have not gone to one .I guess this violence or offensive actions show that genetically or psychologically (or for whatever reason) , there are some gays that like to uphold their identities as men and males.OF COURSE I WILL NOT DO THAT . I simply avoid sissies.

    Its interesting to have blog posts like this , very thought provoking indeed.I still like my men . I still can fuck a guy . But i just cant stand or fuck a guy acting like a girl.Just my honest opinion tuls, I hope no one calls me haters or what crap coz it just my opinion only .Not intended on anyone specifically

  12. The world could do with more non-judmental people like you. ^_^

  13. you can be a good counselor, LOL, and if you were to be one, you would be an expert in what we call cognitive therapy. Like this post to the MAX

  14. Honestly, some are artificial sissies, they aren't born that way, they are man-made. I am not sure how they "transform" into that way but seriously, as for me, I really don't like be friends with those who are artificial sissies. Not discrimination or what. I do not know why they prefer to be more girlish, maybe just want to get others' attention. And I do not know they are either gay, or str8, or bi. But it is easily to differentiate those man-made and the real one. I do have some Malay sissy friends, they all are nice and polite, and easy going, but they are born that way. That's the different.

    That's my point of view. Peace :D

  15. Ur picture looks kinda.. kinda.. erm.. kinda..

  16. "oohhh.. I can be more man, I just don't use the word 'fabulous'" - Emmett Honeycut in QAF

  17. sissy fren ar, I used to know one in my part-time job. actually they r quite talented, n they can know the feeling of both the boy and the girl. plus they r so funny, they can make the time pass away rapidly with laugh. but quite embarrassed to be with them in the public. Tuls, Nice post!

  18. oh yes some of them are very nice, they are fun to hang-out with but got arrogant one that always come to my office. Doesn’t bother to say hi to admin staff and trainees(he thinks me as a trainee), only being friendly to execs. How low mannered!

  19. @calvin ~ bubu put the condom on.. x3 we all have sex!! tulsie take take it off again x3.. hahaha.. siao!

    @whizkid ~ they suffer tons of discrimination.. hm.. kesian... good that you got the chance to post up your long awaited post :) haha..

    @alex ~ and like in parkson, there are a few at the fragrance part you can get free samples from them if you befriend them.. hahaha...

    @ahpang20 ~ you can! thank so much :)

    @skyhawk ~ your 1 concept very politically correct. hahaha. but.. by saying you love me back does that makes you a feminine gay?!!! O_O

    @bubu ~ muacks!

    @jboy ~ very true indeed..

    @Mr. D ~ *triple Snap*

    @deicidal ~ hahahahahaha.. youre so cute! hahahah.. its perfectly fine.. no ones gaydar is 100% accurate de :)

    @LMO ~ *hugs*

    @ooi2009 ~ hahahahaha.. kena bongkar! blek!!!

    @vincent ~ *hugs* :)

    @zhenyu27 ~ will reply according to numbers

    1. when you say that they are less threatened to him, meaning that he poses a threat but not as severe as the soft gays? he is a hard gay for the fact maybe he is one, or maybe thats his defence mechanism to be tough and strong so that other people wont dare to do anything to him.. and the fact that other friends dare to accept him maybe because he acts normally like all the other boys because its the norm view of the society, OR because he is such a HARD BIG guy that is so fearful for other guys to talk about fearing that he might give them a punch in the face! :) thats the view of the society, if you're a guy, they would want you to behave like one, when you act sorta feminine, you will definitely get comments and criticism.. its normal.. malaysian are still not that open yet..

    2. i have a friend that is sissy in high school, no one befriended him.. only me. i was the only one that was there for him.. after 5 years.. we are best buds and now he turns out to be a FUCKING hot model.. male model, guyer than any other guy that was in my school then.. yes, you can dont associate yourself with them, its your own choice, but that doesnt stop the others from categorizing you as the same, if youre gay, youre gay.. how long can you avoid? so what if you friend came by and say hi? you just say hi back la.. what you wanna do? turn around and walk away? they are still humans alright.. but i mean.. you have your say to it.. so.. ok.. people will respect your views but they might not agree with it thats all..

    3. *hugs* dont worry...

    4. no comment.. although i have lots of bisexual friends, i dont really believe in that bi term, you tend to fall more towards one side.. and i hate guys who have sex with guys and in the end sort to marriage :) nuff said.

    5. it all falls back to how you view feminine gays.. nothing wrong.. discrimination will always be there.. even in the gay community itself.. but its so sad to even think that we are discriminating our own kind.. we are not normal in the eye of the society, and the feminine gays are the weird ones in the gay community? what logic is that?! you tell me!

    and lastly, you have your own stand for everything, you are not wrong nor right, for every judgement you make you need supporting details to back up the fact thats all! nice comments! :) *hugs*

    @lil dove ~ omgucci!! i miss you!! where have you been?!?!?! spread your wings and fly dovey!!

    @orange-wee ~ wohoo!! cock-nitive therapy!! wohoo!! thanks!! hahaha..

    @talented boy ~ peace.. anything thats artificial, i also dontt like! hahah..

    @kidz ~ dont perasan la you!! im not drawing you!!!

    @PFJ ~ hahahaha...

    @Jay ~ thankiu! *hugs*

    @ash godiva ~ arrogance might be one of their defence mechanism because they have been suffering lots of discrimination.. be understanding ok :)

  20. Bl**dy .. !!! I dun mean that!! lol!!

  21. @kidz ~ why? my picture looks very boomz? thanks!

  22. tuls , kidz wanna look more macho , like me

  23. @ooi2009 ~ you can send me your pics to my email posted below then maybe i will feature you as tulsy special edition ok? :)