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Monday, April 11, 2011

told you so asshole!!

what i predicted in January is really happening now..

that asshole is back..

last night in the fucking middle of the night 3 am in the freaking morning bubu told me that that asshole loser nudge him on msn..

he wanted to commit suicide few weeks back and sms-ed all his close friends telling them that he is where and where, see you next life thanks for being a friend whatever...

this is so lack of attention..

people who wants to commit suicide dont sms everyone telling that they are gonna kill themselves.. they just write a note and then jump off..

ok maybe most of you might think that im cruel or evil or whatever but i was amaze that he is not dead yet... 

when we heard about that news bubu even tried calling him to asked what happen despite everything that has happen..

i mean.. bubu is such a fucking nice person to do that, if its me, ngo choi nei doh soh!!(lantak la you mampus tak mampus i tak kisah)...

firstly a person who doesnt appreciate friendship is not worth my time..

secondly a person who doesnt respect and value his own life is not my friend.. i dont make friends with low lives.. i mean.. how much time do you have left in this world? and you still wanna shorten it more? wow... youre helping the environment and the control of the population is it? good for you!!

i dowana reason anymore why shouldnt i hate that particular person because bubu is going to befriend him back.. thats just great.. 

if i sense any sorrow, or hurt in my bubu's eyes or i found out that he is taking advantage on my bubu then he will be gone.. he can jump 10000 times and i dont really care!! 

why am i even letting bubu to be friends with him again? 
i hope i dont regret my actions!!


  1. Wow, u r a very protective bf. *Respect

  2. Nice finger.... :P

    Wah, so garang.... I'm on ur side also.... i got no time to layan such people.... beh tahan attention seeking ppl x.x!!

  3. Protective and with some temper.. =p

    Tulsy, friends are more than just, "Can i be friend with u? Yes." And Bubu is not a 5 y/o kid looking for playmate. If he is not worthy of it, time will tell. Right?

  4. wow, i have to say you draw a nice set of fingers!

  5. it's so obvious he's an attention whore+negative fella+someone that have personality disorder...arghh!!!reminds me of my arch-enemy:(

    my reply on his sms will be something like this: you welcome,go and jump,all the best,see you next life:D

  6. fark that son of a bitch la.. jump jump jump, go try bunjy jump once he will never try already! Oh well, stupidity of the human race I would say, but PLUs are always stronger than straights~

  7. im back , yeah ,give it to me baby , yeah , ahahhhh

  8. well said. and nice set of hand lo!! good drawing!

  9. Don't waste your energy on this. Zen, zen..zen...

  10. anger management requires not middle finger. neither is all fingers clasped into fist. its abt opening all your fingers and lend a helping hand. if u dont help ur bf, who will? :P kapish ah?

  11. wah. I pun tak fahamla kenapa orang mau suicide.

    I mean kalau Tuhan sudah bagi you hidup 70 tahun, u buat suicide then tiada guna ler

    p/s life is hard. tapi no need to suicide maa..

  12. I can smell arsenal and mercun here....Tulsy sudah marah and tulan! Cool down baby! I m sure Bubu will judge the worthiness of the friendship.

  13. ugh more attention seekers. oh please. i get that you want attention but threatening suicide and not appreciating friends? get a shrink!

    tuls, keep bubu away from shit stains like these.

  14. @whizkid ~ have to! lots of predator coming jor! hahahah..

    @alex ~ kan? eeeeesh.. benci! but i will ignore that part of me right since sudah berbaiks..

    @kidz ~ yup! he pandai jaga diri edi wan.. hahaha.. oh well..

    @savoir ~ i think so too.. i did that the whole time i was drawing! hahahahha...

    @ash ~ i wont be so keji, i wont do anything at all.. ignore... waste credit!

    @tempus ~ mm! correct you! but plu gets hurt easier wor.. dont you think so..?

    @ooi2009 ~ welcome back! i kinda miss you la!! where you been to?!

    @ryan ~ thankiu!! :)

    @CX ~ yes master sifu!! LMAO! hahahah

    @Koala ~ alright.. i will be there for my bf de dontt worry :) thankiu!

    @deicidal ~ is that english?

    @joey ~ dia nak tolong tuhan menghukum dia sendiri! hahahahha...

    @skyhawk ~ oh.. *breathe*

    @lil fox ~ tried,, will try harder next time! hahahahah