t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bloody mouth..

i woke up to find my pillow case stained in red..

went to the mirror only to see my lips are all bloodified.. all dry...

apparently my lips cracked so teruk...


never in my life i feel this geli and irritated...

no kissing after this.. lol.. not like i got anyone to anyway.. haha..

now my lips are so oily cos of the heavily spread of vaseline...

glossy but oily always feel like wiping this shit of cos not used to it..

oh well.. have to get used to it la i think...

i think i watch too much vampire diaries liao...

i dont mind lor having a tongue battle with any of one the werewolves or the vampires.. hehe..

i dont mind him stripping me off to the bone and fuck me upside down.. lol

shit im so deprived of sex....

and i wank too much...


focus focus...


  1. Why the Ian looks so photoshopped ?

  2. Tuls ah.. You very horny these few days hor?..

    Get a cup of water and leave it beside your bed. It helps. XD

  3. the taste of blood is very nice..i like it. gosh i'm morphing :S

  4. yer~~~~~~~~~~~geli~~~~~~ u can use ur blood to draw then, haha....and....is it the horny season now?

  5. yea, keep a lip balm stick or vaseline with you, and do remember to rehydrate yourself even if you dont feel thirsty. Don't wet your lips with your tongue (saliva) as it makes it drier...

  6. yummy dilf clayden just commented , and btw , u can have sex with me haha

  7. Haha that feeling of wanting fresh meat... I didn't understand last time but now I do lol! :P

  8. @brainy ~ hahahaha.. i dont know i just took it from the net!! :)

    @kaylex ~ vvery horny la.... like seriously cos no sex so long liao/... the water for what/??!??! to make me wake up?!?! lol

    @kevin ~ you like it too omgosh!! lol wait for full moon ok!! :)

    @orange ~ haha.. its the horny season all year round!!

    @ninja ~ ok darling !!

    @clayden ~ that time was in the middle of night.. so cannot la...

    @jboy ~ hahahahahahahha.... but i like! lets do it!! :)

  9. Cause your lips crack due to dry air mah.. They say the water evaporate and helps reduce the cracking.. ><

  10. tuls, do u mind giving me ur fb? Plssss :)