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Saturday, November 5, 2011

superdry? hipokrit...

lol... i accidentally click publish before actually writing any shit...


like how the Singaporeans are crazy over Longchamp at one time...

the brits love Superdry to the max!!

its a japanese brand if im not wrong and its so overrated!!

lie seriously i can get the same type of clothes for half or maybe even lesser than the price of superdry..

all my lecturers are wearing it and whereever you walk in the streets pun nampak superdry..

the brand itself is the besar besar one...

as though superdry is local wtf...

hipokrit cakap benci US tapi semua pakai hollister la abercrombie la..


i just love the trail yang hitam dan daun daun yang berwarna autumn!! lovelay!!!!


  1. Like Malaysia and Topman la... ><!

  2. And the video link above.. WTFFFF!!!! LOL!

  3. And I thought you ain't getting any. Hence the entry titled "superdry".

    Lol !!!

  4. i am superdry ! u want to have a blog post abt me!!!yeay

  5. WHat an odd name for a brand! Superdry?!

  6. actually... lol... SUPERDRY is from UK... hahaha. they just used japanese elements... it's owned by supergroup... LOL. the brand originates from Britain... kakakakakakaka.

  7. mmm here's the link in case... you still very the skeptical. LOL. http://www.supergroup.co.uk/our-history :P

  8. @kaylex ~ hahahaha... i love the sohai concept! :)

    @CX - im still dry ok!!

    @ooi2009 ~ lol

    @savante ~ yawor...

    @lil prince ~ oh.. sorry then.. dint do my hw... hahahahahaha.. ooops!! so malu one! :)

  9. whats with Malaysians and bandwagon? tsk tsk