t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cut me negative...

seriously it was kinda weird for autumn to reach like negative(according to my common sense) but it happened lor...

i woke up and it was so freaking cold i put on another pants and another hoodie and check the temperature..

negative 2 degrees wtf...

i had to shower cos my rambut yang hodoh is lebih hodoh if i tak washkan so i did and gosh it was cold..

my bath robe kept me warm sekejap but when im at the bathroom before taking off the bath robe i have to think whether to take it off or not cos its so cold.. hahahaha.. its kinda bodoh in a way la..


after mandi and makan breakfast and all we(my housemates and I) all march to uni as usual..

it takes only 5 mins walk..

once we step out of our rumah everything was white..

it was so remarkable..



it wasnt snow but everything froze...

the whole field from my house to uni was frozen and its literally white...

and i stopped for awhile to jakunly stun and look but hor my hands were freezing..

i forgotten it was negative 2...

so as i was trying to put my tangan into my pocket..

just the slight rub of my coat against my tangan felt like knife cutting my skin..

it was that bad(maybe i exaggerated a lil).. like seriously sakits..

the next thing i know my bag dalam ada satu pair of gloves for future use.. lol

funny funny things happen... lol.. it might be normal to the people here but to me its still kinda new cos like im the rusa who just masuk the kampung kinda thing.. lol


  1. So pretty!!~~ If i, i will run around the field like a little kid... haha

  2. Huh so if it's not snow... then it's ice? the white stuff..
    Haha i'm jakun also when it comes to winter phenomenons. Kan sini tak ade benda benda putih dari langit :P

  3. it is foggy lah....
    imagine i have to walk 30mins every morning in order to follow my friend's car to the GP clinic... seriously wtf...

  4. the video clip California king bed is arousing in a sexual way , can you and I be in a video clip ala edison chen also?

  5. Give it some time before you find snow mushy, dirty and wet haha!

  6. Frosty mornings just reminded of how long I've not been back and how much I miss being around in Wales for Christmas :(

  7. @CX ~ er... ok la.. one more month!! :) cant wait!! haha...

    @kaylex ~ i got lecture in 10 mins.. cannot afford to do that! and its freaking cold! lol... and when i come out from the lecture hall all melt jor..

    @jboy ~ the putih putih phenomenon in malaysia is cum from used condom hanging on the tree! lol. hahahaha.. yup! ice!! :)

    @kankanD~ lol.. thats seriously wtf!!

    @ooi2009 ~ yes! :)

    @savante ~ ok! belum snow wor... eeeeeeeeeeeee... jahat kamu!!

    @kevin ~ kamu orang wales?! saya ada kawan wales! lol...

  8. haha...nooo. i'm a penang boy. :)