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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

exposed 2.0?

its not like i was hiding my identity from that someone or what but its just not very appropriate to tell your gay prefect junior in school that you are gay as well just because he is too and so that was stalled till forever.. i mean even though if he really discover that i am along the way then whatever la i dont mind.. haha..

the main reason why i dint wanna tell him was that cos he was going after my bf then at the particular time and my bf and i were so secretive cos he being a muslim and all was kinda overwhelming to let anyone know so basically no one from the school knows that we are together then..

more than one gay fella from our school was after him but he chose me not because im better or anything, its mainly because i made a move before anybody else did kinda thing...?

of course in the process i did say a few bad things about my rival contestants then to him to make him dislike them even more but what i told was only the truth but it was only meant for them to know but not him but i told him as well..

so apparently everyone has been gossiping bout my ex and my rivals all because they wanna cover themselves up they go kutuk and say bad things about my ex being gay and all spreading rumour and of course being an important figure i knew about all those cos i was present at that moment too and so then told my ex everything making him hating them for what they said about him and then secure my place in his heart.. hahaha..

to think back.. its so... omgosh i cant even believe that i did that.. i mean.. it seems normal to me then and even now typing it out i dont feel anything but when i slowly read back.. hahahaha.. its so kejahatan.. lol..

maybe i just dowana lose him kinda thing? hm...

but anyway... today as i was talking to bubu, guess what..??? one of my rivals has became his new found friend and then the rest was history.. hahahaha.. yup.. im terbongkar.. i mean.. not that i need to hide or something, i know that he knows already but.. hahahaha.. im just.. i dono... lol... ...... cannot explain...

anyway if youre reading this now.. im sorry of what happened before... he wanted me to convert into his religion just for us to continue in the relationship after 2.5years being together... in the end he went religious.. so i dont think it will end up good for you anyway if you were to be with him.. im not saying that his religion is not good.. its the act of wanting you to change and not accepting you as who you are is the thing that matters.. hm... oh well...

the gay community is just that big.. everyone knows everyone.. hahahaha...


  1. Tuls memang tuls.. lol, nevermind la. look to the future and not the pass?

  2. Indeed. Everyone knows everyone...

    And I know no one.


  3. I know that feeling.. where you know someone from the past who's in the community but you didn't tell him about yourself and now it feels like there's no point saying it right because it's been so long!

  4. know what, having mild dyslexia (reading difficulties), I felt giddy after reading your long long long sentences LOL!

    and i still in shock after knowing that you told her about me... XD

  5. Do not expose yourself to the public, especially all the private stuff of you are here. Consider this as a warning from me:D I had been warned when my first blog was with my name and picture on it. You will never know what people are capable of.

  6. What's so kejahatan with that?they are the ones that mengumpat your ex....

  7. @CK ~ i memang looking forward de! :) kihihihi... more to come.. haha..

    @CX ~ you know me wert! its ok de! :) haha..*hugs*

    @jboy ~ hahahaha.. you memang my apprentice! lol

    @ninja ~ sorry... i should keep it short and simple..

    @brainy ~ alright!! noted darl..

    @ash ~ hahahahahhaha.. you pun evil! i like!! :)