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Friday, November 4, 2011

smart blonde..

so there is this blonde bitch in my group..

she speaks like a bimbo..

so typical blonde type of shit and she has that ego, she thinks shes some upper class whore or something wearing plastic PCK boots and stuffs..


she is one of the people that i smile to and dont get a smile back so i damn anti her already at the beginning..

and now guess what..

i find it so sohaily irritating that she can wear a scarf in the lab!


have you ever seen someone wearing a scarf doing experiment?

so wtf and the lab guy is racist one.. he sendiri asian(dowana say race) but he always side the angmoh one... anyway.. she did the whole experiment with the scarf on and somemore pink carrer one omgosh...

if you muslim and wear tudung nicely tug in ok la but the angmoh with dangling scarf.. eeeeeeeee.. so many evil final destination thoughts coming into my mind happening to her right now.. haha.. stupid bitch...


  1. what a bitch kan ? by the way , dun care abt the asian guy la , everywhere also got racist , btw what did u mean by ~ please dont one leg step 2 boat ok edi ???

  2. Im sure you can outbitch her right?.. XD

  3. about the asian guy,that is 1 of the problem we are facing now,some asians are just felt the westerners are a superior race,i beg to differ that!

    in fact they are barbaric,conqueror race,no different than mongols.

  4. Wow scarfs would never be allowed in my lab.

    And the big bad wolf video is so WTF and twisted... the ending was like OMG hahahahahahaha :D

  5. -like-
    like clicking in facebook :P lolz

  6. r u sure the asian guy being racist or r u just butthurt that she is getting more penis than u?
    oh wait.. i used the wrong word..
    ... or are u just buttitchy that she is getting more penis than u?

  7. @savante ~ kan?!!!! im so up for it! lol

    @ooi2009 ~ you got mr indian you still wanna kacau other bloggers... so flower heart!

    @kaylex ~ of cros!!! no porum one... she will lose to the ground.. lol

    @ash ~ you are no better when you compare them to the mongols.. lol

    @jboy ~ i like the big bad wolf to the max !! love the spit milk part muahahahaha

    @thatbitch ~ hahahahahahha..... muacks! i miss you alot!! :)

  8. there are plenty of this kinda bitches in my batch. One of them was funnier, wore scarf during dissection class. And you know, they just lean on the cadaver, the "juice" is all over their labcoat, workbook and stuff... =.=