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Friday, November 11, 2011

case study 1...

ive been observing the couples that broke up over the few months we are here in UK..

there are 2 couples that was in my batch back home and broke up when they got here and it kinda make me realize not say a pattern but like.. erm..

its like you are one person with your friends and all but when youre with your other half you are a totally different person..

one couple used to be like fighting manja manja and all in school and we thought they will last long and all but once they got here, things happen and they split up..

the guy says he wants some time for himself.. i think he just wants to experience life in UK to the fullest without any burden.. but its kinda selfish for him to just break up with his gf for it.. its not like the gf is not here with him.. = playboy la..

the girl got so depressed and was like so troubled for the past few weeks..

well i only heard stories from her point of view so i cant really judge who is wrong or who is right.. im closer to the girl but im still good friends with the guy nonetheless... hm...

but now the thing is he is going after a more girly, prettier, richer flower in the class.. she was here since first year and she is seemed to be very well maintained.. haha..

she is in the same group as me and somehow im kinda afraid for her.. as in she fits the description of vulnerable like how his ex was..

he went and tackle her after she broke up with the bf.. i mean at the time after broke the girl will definitely be vulnerable and wants attention and love and all so... its all happening again with this new girl..

she just broke up..

but i cant just go up to her and say: you better be careful with the guy you are dating now..


thats just so unethical ... lol.. i mean its not fair for the guy at all...

i think i will just remain silent la..

well he is indeed an ok friend.. not much a problem when we mix during class, labs or whatever...

but as a boyfriend.... well.. he might be ok and maybe his ex was the one at fault? but... its really hard to tell..

haha.. im just worried for this girl nia..

hopefully she will be ok ba..

what will you do if youre at my position?


  1. Hmm since you don't really know this new girl that he's going after, I'd say it be best to not get into it.

    I think we are all adults now, so we are capable of making decisions and taking responsibility for our own actions. Whatever consequences that may occur in the future, lies in our own hands. If that girl gets hurt in the future, then she would have to blame it on her poor judgment in men.

  2. not to bother myself with matters not of my concern, haha, juz concentrate on ur studies~

  3. dun chap sau lor...... may make things worst x.x!! Just sit down relax, and let more drama happen as how it's fated to be? xD

  4. if u're a friend, tell her lor. in a beating-around-the-bush way. give scenarios. give ur experience. hoping she'll get the story.

  5. Tell her as a friend calmly.. then write a letter with the exact same date and time you are writing it just to tell her "i told you so". =D

  6. tuls , claydens presence here is so distracting ....

    btw the last pic like taylor lautner as a werewolf going down on someone la

  7. just shut-up and do nothing. it'll come back to haunt you. been through it before, not a nice situation to be in - trust me.

  8. terima kasih everyone for cadangan anda.. akan memproseskan in the otak and mengambil tindakan seterusnya yang wajar nanti.. thankyous.. :)