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Saturday, November 26, 2011

blow me away...

autumn is changing to winter liao...

when i first came here it was summer turning autumn and the wind was so kepowerfulan! now that the season is changing again, so is the wind..

the wind strength of the wind macam has a linear relationship with the change of season...

although its 12 degrees(which is pretty hot for me now, kononnye sudah convert ang mo), the wind can blow sampai my tangan sakit cos sejuks... and my face macam kena cold facial... siao.. and not forgetting the poor umbrella from poundworld which died yesterday, it got striped off its bones... poor thing.. i think i wanna go bury it or something...

everyone is getting sick but tuls is tahaning.. lol.. im the source of sickness wert... *rolleyes*

i got this 2000 words report due wednesday.. gone la me.. 2 weeks after that another one... haha.. luckily not as teruk as medical students.. 2000word reports weekly.. siao kia nothing else better to do arr...

im in love with the scottish all butter shortbread now.. haha.. bought like 5pkts of 4 each 250g.. so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant wait for my winter hols... fai tit cum la...


  1. Send some of the shortbread over please...


  2. Yay I stayed tough XD

    You just reminded how dead I'm ... T.T
    My ethics essay, clinical placement reportssss, ... *died-ed*

  3. i was like yays yays when i left home
    then the wind came
    and the smart me was lazy to bring my windbreaker (looking down on the wind)
    and i was blew sampai sick =.=

  4. i tot u blew someone , haizz, anyway , is chen xing single ? i wanna date him la tuls

  5. the cold sounds so emo and jiwang inducing

  6. @CX ~ cannot! come to here and i gib you! :)

    @kankan ~ hahahaha.. padan you see you soon!

    @teapot ~ hahahahaha.. poor thing you..

    @ooi2009 ~ yes he is single and he is fashionably twink hot.. :) you wanna date him then go la.. comment at his blog telling him you wanna cow him..

    @deidical ~ haha.. oh well.. have to get used to it!