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Friday, November 4, 2011

student cum cook..

so im not longer a student but also a full time cook...

you know that youre turning into one when:

You think of what to cook when youre hungry

You have a list of groceries to buy in your laptop screen/sticky note..

You know how to control the heat intensity when you cook..

You know how to cook using rice cooker..

You exchange recipes with your housemates instead of homework..

You gossip about what other people is eating in class for dinner instead of scandals and stuffs..

You go to the market more than you going to a library..

You compare prices in different food stores when buying groceries...

You try to google recipes from the net and making it..

You know how to use an oven..

You have spices in your room..

Your fridge and freezers are full with ingredients..

You know how to see whether the meat is fresh or not...

You can tell whether after the expiry date the food is still edible or not..

You know how to cook and boil soup at the same time..

You have a set of "uniform" that you use for cooking..

You go to school with your hair smell of fried rice..

You make extra food to bring to class and share it with your friends.. 

Ultimately(in my case), i know that im a full time cook when my fingers constantly smell like garlic 24/7


  1. Si lai in the making! :D :D Welcome to the club :P!!

  2. The word "cum" still puts wrong images in my mind.. lol! I love cooking too! =D

  3. I misread it as Student Cum Cock>.<

  4. one thing i don't like about cooking, it's the garlic smell on hands.

  5. Haha if a vampire approaches you, just shove your hands in his face.
    Oh wait, if he's hot then just put on some gloves and have some fun hahahahahahaha :P

  6. @jason ~ hhahaahahaha... *hugs*

    @alex ~ please arr.. im not in the making lo.. i registered member already ok!!

    @kaylex ~ hhahaahahahha... memang!!

    @ninja ~ jia you!!

    @ash ~ oh my gosh.. i should make more of those kinda titles then!!

    @brainy ~ i love it though... lol

    @cx ~ anytime!! i love my cooking! so healthy one!! lol

    @jboy ~ youre getting more and more interesting by day jboy!! you boomz!! keep up the good work!! :)

  7. finger lickin good eh.
    imagine kalau u finger sum1 n then rim him... mesti enak dan lazat lo.

  8. @deicidal ~ omgosh gam miong also lum dak chut!!! power la your imaginasi!! me like!!! :)