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Friday, November 18, 2011

its not cool to date your colleagues? or classmates?

well there are pros and cons in it..


1. You guys might share the same interest, same ideas as you are of around the same age group. As in thats what college and uni is all about. You study the same course and maybe have the same goals in life bla bla bla...

2. Availability. He will always be there for good, you go to classes together.. get off the same time... basically you know each others schedule and that helps time management..

3. Not awkward. Like for us gay if we were to be spotted by people together we could always use assignments and stuffs as an excuse of the cause. haha..

4. You can get to know that person in the long run before you date him as you roughly know how he acts and behave in class kinda thing.. although not very accurate at times but you just assume based on impression..


1. If it doesnt work out.. it will be super awkward.. like depends on the situation, the one who gets dumped will feel super depressed and angry and might be having trouble in attendance and stuffs..

2. It will affect your mood and it might affect your grades.. like seriously.. my SPM was screwed cos of that.. lol

3. He might know your deepest secret and like it could be a hazard if it leaks.. lol.. choose your opponent partner wisely..

And as for me dating again, well some people might support it and some might hate it and some will never return to read this blog again. Im inconsiderate?? Im hurting bubu?? Some say that im hurting him so that he could move on.. Some say that im a slut..

oh well.. it depends on how you interpret life and your purpose in life.. nothing is gonna affect me anyhow.. im not closing up to possibilities but im not really like pursuing it too.. if it comes it comes..


  1. Well.. generally.. i envy you being able to recovery and stay strong like that.. =/

  2. People can say anything they want, after all we're all entitled to our own opinions. Myself included, I have a big mouth.
    Let them have their say.

    But what matters most at the end of the day is what you think is best for yourself. keep owning it ;)

  3. whoa, dun like that, kinda considering to date my classmate lo, haha, but anyhow, dun need to bother whether people accept or reject, it's your choice, no one is in any position to judge you, only u judge urself, gambateh~

  4. We can't control what other people says, just like we literally can't stitch up people's mouth. It might not be easy to some people, but just ignore what they said. Everybody has the right to love. They don't have any stand a right to give prejudiced comments like that. So, go for it if you are happy with it. :)

    Btw, I dont know why but I have a tendency to fall for my colleagues/classmates. XD

  5. i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .i love dancer .

    ask him not to play with queen dicks ah ,...dancer , better sayang me ok . Tuls ,i prefer to sayang dancer compared to u :(

  6. no la , i sayang tuls also , but in a different way la

  7. dancerboy,

    can u not act like a fucking prick ? Why do u lash out on pple that are saying their opinions . we didnt say anything bad abt u , we just gave our opinions on what the current situation is all about .Then you go and say stupid things like how we shud shut up and queen sized dicks shit . It was an opinion . If u think its wrong u can say properly .Dont go on a rampage supporting TULS and acting as if we are the ones who shud be blamed . As a girl , im asking u not to act like one .

  8. @kaylex ~ its nothing to envy.. haha.. you will need to go thru more or maybe your mindset need to be differnt lor..

    @jboy ~ keep slutting! lol.. its good to have interesting post nowadays.. every blog is so mundane.. yours kinda kinky and i like it! lol

    @orange ~ ohohoho... good good.. go ahead! take a chance!

    @KanKan ~ eeeeeeeeeeee... so easy for you cos got so banyak!! and being in med got 5 different years of senior and junior for you to oogle! :) lol

    @ooi2009 ~ muacks

    @berny ~ are you the berny i think you are? omgucci! hahahaha... how are you darling!! :) he is just.. erm... he is impulsive and... you know la him... hm... anyway.. *hugs*