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t u l s

Saturday, November 12, 2011

flame on...

when we came home after lecture buka jer lampu whole house tripped!

so we went and check room by room and found that one room smells like pee pee..

so i thought its some perfume shit la..

mana tau go look nearer got one plug terbakar sampai left half of the plug..

luckily house tidak terbakar..

then i told my kawans be grateful of what you have now cos you might never know bila you will mati..


so drama..

then the night itself in the middle of the night say 3am lebih kurang, there were fire engines all over the place.. sirens and stuffs bunyi bising giler...

a house 2 blocks down the road caught fire...


what a coincidence..

we dint get much sleep cos of the commotion.. so we lepak at the terbakar room and gossip..

after awhile gossip gossip gossip i realize something...

ironically the adapter is approved by sirim... lol

Malaysia boleh...


  1. Uk electric sockets all got problems one isit?.. hahaha!

  2. Only can work in Malaysia la. Tak boleh bring out Negara.
    Only approved in Malaysia

  3. Luckily the blog is still ongoing :)

  4. 2 responses: OMG and LOL.

    OMG because that was a close call!!!
    LOL because Sirim is epic fail..... :P

  5. well, luckily nothing bad happened, amen XD

  6. super drama la... but omg thank god you are still alive... LOL!
    seriously be more careful next time!

  7. i like malaysia .....i wan to work government .....and i wan to have bf like u

  8. @CK ~ malaysia's problem i think :) hahaha..

    @brainy ~ lol! hahahahahah.. and why will it be dead leh?!?!?

    @jboy ~ kan?!?!

    @orange ~ wah... so beriman one! lol amen!!

    @kankanD ~ alright! tell that to my housemate! :)

    @ooi2009 ~ errrrrr... right! =.="

  9. jika you terbakar, ini blog kan tak ade.
    since the blog since ongoing, mean you tak kena bakar