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Friday, November 25, 2011


what if youre a dead bottom, like super bottom in terms of the role in bed and you somehow kinda like this virgin and he likes you as well..

he is inexperience and has no knowledge of top or bottom at all..

what will you do?

will you still go on date him out, get along and hoping that he will be a top..

or will you just stay as friends.. avoiding the relationship issue...

yes you might say, when you love someone then sex or no sex doesnt matter yada yada. NO. Sex is important.. lol.. takkan wanna just dildo each other every night meh.. i mean can also la but.. ... ... hm...

it boils down to how much you think about sex and the importance of it?

sluts will just test that poor virgin and if ok then continue if not then sorry byebye.. oh well.. i was a victim myself... .... .... whatever...

so yea.. what will you do?


  1. Honestly.. it all depends are you willing to take a risk.. I am a virgin and has no knowledge if im top or bottom but i still dated a bottom..(1 month++ still counts right?..) Please dont do the test thing... It will seriously hurt him badly.. :((

  2. Help and guide him along the way.

    You'll be amazed how much both of them can learn from each other.

    Hehe, a virgin bf...


  3. K going to be a bitch, but an honest one. I think tops with no experience offer a terrible experience to us bottoms.

    My suggestion is, if the guy you like is keen to be top, direct him to a friend who is a top and has lots of knowledge and experience, so that he can brief the newbie on what he should do. It's practical actually.. The first time always sucks, but at least you can be better prepared for it. Or watch lots of porn and observe the technique! :P

  4. ditto j-boy

    but wad the hell is a dead bottom? ==

  5. top or bottom, it doesn't matter much, important is getting to know someone else, plus sex is really not so important, and no testing pls, haha

  6. show him a gay porn. it DOES matter! have to set one, who is top who is bottom. easier and can avoid mess. hahahahahhaa

  7. @kaylex ~ lol... what makes you think im talking about myself? lol... hahahahaah... i got so bad meh!??!! i kan victim myself.. cis.. benci you.. lol... hahahahahaha

    @CX ~ er... right! :) you pun virgin kan! i know!! :)

    @jboy ~ lol... ok ok...

    @vincent ~ hahahaha a dead bottom is.. a dead bottom la.. arent you one? lol

    @orange ~ lol.. please im not a jahat person and no im not talking about myself.. and SEX is important to me.. lol

    @Clayden ~ yesH! i agreee!! muacks!