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Saturday, November 19, 2011



this is not an emo post..


life is of balance..

if there is a yin, there will be yang..

if there is night, there will be day..

if there is birth, there will be death..

if there are matchups, there will be breakups..

if there are rewards, there will be obstacles..

if there is a prey, there will be a predator..

if there is are guys/gays, there will be girls/lesbos...

life is like a road, there will be smooth paths, there there will be some cornering, sometimes a few bumps, sometimes a 90 degrees turn and there will be traffic lights...

the smooth part is like our everyday life.. routinal and compulsory.. and its for most part of the road as it is for our lives..

sometimes there are some cornering, stress comes from different corners to spice up your life, makes your life more interesting, helping you and building your character along the way..

the bumps are major changes that happens to you.. whether its a death, or maybe a break up or maybe some awesome joy like you won a lottery that will give you a kick if youre in the car depends on how big the bump is.. if you handle it well, you will pass the bump smoothly and move on with the journey, but sometimes if the bump is too high, you will puncture your tyre or scratch the bottom of the car and thats when you need some time to heal before continuing on..

sometimes the road will have a sharp turn turning your life upside down for either the better of the worse.. may that be in a promotion in your career or when you go bankrupt.. some people couldnt handle the turn well and they will go off the road into an accident.. usually people think about the bad stuffs saying how can a good promotion could end up bad? if you dont take it seriously, you will have competitors that will try to make your life miserable, people might be bugging you for your money be it relatives, lovers, ex-es.. dot dot dot.. when youre famous people will blackmail you with your dark history yada yada..

sometimes when you reach a traffic light, it will be a point in life where you need to decide whether to turn left, turn right, and continue to go straight..
you might take awhile to decide, your friends that are concern are like the sign boards in fronna you, telling you whats the speed limit you should take or whether left or right is a better choice.. sometimes if you take too long to decide, people might be annoyed of you and give you honk from behind.. 

no road is perfect..

sometimes you know that the road is not perfect yet you still chose that path to go along..

there are other roads that we are not aware of and yet to try but we will never know if we never try.. it could be for better or for worse..

im just grateful of everything i have and got so far..

just being alive in a place where there isnt any war or famine going on is a blessing and thats what keeps me optimistic about it! 


but its alright to exercise my tear gland once awhile i think... lol

hows life treating you lately?!


  1. Life treating me good. It's good to read a so enlightening post from you. Good one

  2. Fuiyo! So philosophical of you in this post. Hahaha!!!

  3. I think I'm at cross-roads now? Hmm. Interesting post..

  4. deep, but rmb all roads are worth going for then you will be fine =D

    i loled at ooi's comment lol

  5. Hahahaha this is so cheesy, with the road metaphor and stuff.. But yeah it's all true XD

  6. The road not taken...
    one of my favourite quote and poem. XD

    well said, and yea, such is life, it's all about how would we want to face it.
    smile over it or cry over it...

  7. @brainy ~ haha :)

    @calvin ~ terima kasih o wise one :)

    @aiden ~ cross roads are good.. you have a choice!! :)

    @ooi2009 ~ thanks.

    @vincent ~ hahahahahah... he siao one but i like! and being deep is not my forte so these posts rarely appear... lol

    @jboy ~ i know kan!! tibetibe je terkena sarafku then memaksaku menuliskan...

    @ninja ~ muacks! :)