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t u l s

Thursday, November 17, 2011

tuls is dating again?

okay... please curse me...



k thanks..


not to say im some slut(or maybe i am) or what but im opening up for possibilities..

you might say: wah so fast arr... wah this wah that.. can so fast move on..

the answer is...

well its not easy...

and im not gonna mourn over our separation forever..

not that im heartless.. its because i have a heart(it should be brain).. i mean... after all im only human.. its bad enough to be so far away from comfort.. sometimes its really nice to have company in a land no relatives at all.. hm....

i mean i always see bubu when im dating someone else..

there always will be a comparison..

whether is the height, personality, will he love me as much etc...

well it is really not easy..

and it will also be not fair to the person you are dating if you are still in love with someone else..

you might say: why not be single and just fling around then wait till you graduate then go back to bubu..

the thing is i dont know whether will i go back or not.. there are so many other factors to consider..

how i wish rich and my life was simple and easy..

but just imagine if it is that simple and easy wont it be a lil too boring? i mean... stress in life makes life as it is.. interesting and eventful..

sex is fun and exciting but i dowana do it just for the point of unleashing my lust..

i can masturbate it off..

im still surviving kan..

i wont be getting into a relationship until im really sure that the next person i date is not a rebound guy..


at this point i still misses bubu...


  1. As long as you are happy why not?.. Masturbate when you think you like that person, if you still like him when your libido is down, you are in love?.. From what i've been told.. haha

  2. Well normally I would say it's too soon, but this princess will always be cheering the queen on hahahaha!! I think you're level headed and know what you need.

    You go get whatever or whoever that makes you happy, and I'll try to reel in my gym hottie with some bait hehehe ;)

  3. Sorry , but i think this is cruel and not a thing to do so fast . i dont think dancerby will be liking it . It seems that it was the plan all along . I mean , u were saying so much before u went to UK that "u wont curang" , "dont simply assume slut will curang" and all , but then so fast already putus ??? And its kinda sad to look at dancers post that says so much of lovey things abt u and he stopped updating when u left to UK ....i mean its so obvious that he really likes u .

    I dunno , but its just my opinion .

    p/s :I have always liked dancer since last time, maybe im biased to him , but i dont think he deserves this .hmmph! .

    dancer ,if ur seeing this i just want to say i always thought that u were hot and handsome and have a good attitude and heart

  4. its not nice to do that and say it on a blog .It will hurt the other parties feeling lah

  5. well, its really soon but when its over its over and no matter what, i will support you and respect whatever decision that in the end of the day, you are happy with it :P

  6. I totally Lose respect for u..the things we did for u b4 u guys parted is just a waste of effort..pardon for the directness ..

  7. @CX ~ i do it like everyday you know right..

    @CK ~ im like addicted to it now... lol

    @KanKan ~ :)

    @jboy ~ :)

    @alex ~ nope :) i tak suka ang moh.. i mean.. its not that appealing cos most of them drunkards..

    @ooi2009 ~ haha.. im not curang-ing.. seriously.. its not like he doesnt know im opening myself up for possibilities.. we do talk about it.. he inevitably is still my greatest love..

    @sky ~ :)

    @darlie latte ~ its ok.. understood.. its your own opinion and judgement :) i dont think its a waste. i lived to the fullest in that 21 months and i never regretted it. At least it was a nice solid 21 months that i will take with me to the end.. the future is so.. erm.. its so unpredictable.. you will understand sooner or later.. anyway.. *hugs*..

  8. @berny ~ we talked about it before.. and.. mmm.. its published already anyway so.... *forcefully smile*

  9. Hey you bitches... it's not cool to throw your judgement on people without really understanding the situation... it's so easy to just say and bitch about it but who gives you the right to bestow whatever silly judgement you assumed are valid in your tiny little eyes...

    I really want TULS to be happy and enjoy this wonderful opportunity not many of us are privileged to have... and although things may be different but it's ok... because deep down this dancerboy knows that it's the best decision for now...

    and yea, i'm a little sad but i'm also happy for the fact that i know someone over there will be able to wipe his tears away and put that silly sweet smile on his face and that is all that matters...

    so bitches, shut your mouth with a queen size dick and if you don't like it, you can just take your faggotry ass away and stop bothering TULS...


  10. defense mechanism overload :) you are still my bubu after all.. and i love you very much... and queen size dick i want! :) lol.. just give me yours... lol

  11. Do you intent to stay long term in the UK?